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Nov 28, 2011
Nov 10, 2004
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Pow right in da kissa, from Baton Rouge

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Nov 28, 2011
    1. Cajun Sensation
      Cajun Sensation
      Man, just trying to stay afloat in a volatile market. Kids are great. Family is good. Like you, I'm going through some pretty sizable transitions.....but change is good, right?

      My best to the two ladies. Hopefully the tourney and baseball season will be fruitfull to help us get through the offseason.

    2. Cajun Sensation
      Cajun Sensation
      Where are you, broseph?

      Hope all is well.

      Holla at a playa when you see him in the skreet.
    3. lsubatgirl04
      Brain seepage time...
    4. orlandotiger
      Like my new signature??? I will change it every week! :D
    5. tigerdro
      great articles. i've got your bleacherreport profile bookmarked now! thanks for the links!

      btw...i listened to all 20 fight songs. i think you were pretty spot on.
    6. tigerdro
      hi justin!

      any new writings coming soon?

    7. orlandotiger
      Oh you wrote it, I went back to some archives and found it, being that I didn't want any quotes from last season games (bad luck), I took one more general and I thinkI will stick with it until the season starts and you get my heart pounding with another one...TB3 disagrees with us though he sent me a rep that said the dinardo quote and "really, that might a bit too much" lol
    8. Cajun Sensation
      Cajun Sensation
      Look! It's working!!!!!! They're posting!
    9. orlandotiger
      GOod grief not only trashed up the place a bit you made it sound like you are coming on to 327...Then next thing you know 327 is posting pictures of him and his wife on the the pic thread....I think you scared him! :D
    10. Cajun Sensation
      Cajun Sensation
      I kid, I kid! Maybe I can help spruce up the place.....or trash it up a bit. I'm sure by me posting here, it's more like the latter than the former. I'm rambling. I have no one to talk to so I post on your profile. Am I talking to myself? If I type this on your profile and no one reads it, does it make a noise. Wait. That is like the tree in the woods thing. Speaking of wood, I think I have a semi. Nope....that's just my chapstick. Ok, NOW I'm rambling. This is getting kinda creepy. I'm outta here.
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