2010 NBA Draft & Tasmin Mitchell

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TGer'nLHornLand, May 24, 2010.

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    Thought I'd keep the topic of LSU hoops alive with the NBA draft and Tasmin Mitchell. Certainly, his road to the NBA will be an uphill battle it seems. With a year dominated by a ton of early entrants given the prospect of NBA lockout on the horizon, it's sort of, even more so this year, a matter of timing and luck. While you can debate somewhat when and if Tas' would have gone out if he had come out earlier (like final four year? or last year?), I think he made the right choice by staying in school, going down as one of LSU's all-time greats, and getting his degree. Now, he's in the market to try to make it on a team that values hustle, heart and a warrior who won't quit.

    You look at how teams like Orlando play with little heart and soul, and you wonder what a team of players with Tas' desire would do. Sure, he's a "tweener" but there have been plenty of tweeners who have made it.... George Lynch, Ron Artest, and others come to mind. He's working against the measuring tape (some reports say he's actually measuring at pre-draft at only 6'5" and 246), but perhaps with pre-draft interviews, some pushing by Trent, a team that needs a defensive minded, do it all guy at the late end of the second or in free agency, will not be disappointed in him. As Trent said, Tas' fairly belongs in the NBA somewhere in between a Marcus Thornton (NBA All Rookie 2nd Team) and Garrett Temple (earned a NBA contract working through the free agency route).

    It does appear that Tas' has worked out with the Sacramento Kings... Good luck Tas'. :bball::LSU231:

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    Wow 6'5??? when he was in high school people were saying he was 6'8 or 6'9! With is slow foot speed that's going to be a hard road for Taz.. Still think he can make it tho... heart goes a long way... look at Blair for SA, he's a 6'6 power forward with a 2 inch vertical
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    I think with his work ethic he will do well if given a chance. I'm not much more than a casual pro fan so I have no clue what team would be the best fit.

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