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    Just wondering........

    I happened to see a post on a Vol board where a poster was saying that Tennesee had no chance to win the SEC East next year because they would only have about ( 25 ) 4* and 5* players on their roster and no team has won their SEC Division with that few high ranking recruits on their team.

    Now, as to the validity of his statement, honestly, I don't care. Truth is, those rankings have only been coming out for a few years anyway.

    I also know that the number of 4 and 5 star players doesn't always make a huge difference, as there are teams like TCU, Va Tech, Boise State, Miss State, WVU, and others who often do alot with very little. Not to mention the fact that even top-10 teams have many 3-star and lower players who make big plays, become standouts, are huge contributors, and even just provide support, leadership, and the character that makes great teams truly great.

    However, just for Shhhts and Giggles, I'd like to know how many 4 and 5 star players we are going to have on the team going into next season.

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    5 *:
    2011: Freak Johnson, Collins, Landry
    2010: Spencer Ware
    2009: Chris Davenport, Craig Loston, Ruben Randle, Russell Shepard

    8 5* for next year

    4 *
    2011: Odell Beckman JR, Jalen Collins, Kenny Hilliard, David Jenkins, Mickey Johnson, Zach Mettenberger, Jamario Rasco, Trai Turner, Corey White

    2010: Kadron Boone, Jordan Allen, JC Copeland, Travis Dickson, Ego Ferguson, Jarret Fobbs, Jakhari Gore, Tyrann Mathieu, Eric Reid, Tharold Simon, Ronnie Vincent, Evan Washington, James Wright

    2009: Kevin Minter, Michael Ford, Chris Faulk, Josh Downs, Michael Brockers, Kiki Mingo, Sam Montgomery,

    2008: Chancey Aghayere, Ryan Baker, Matt Branch, Chase Clement, Jordan Jefferson, DeAngelo Peterson, Greg Shaw, Brandon Taylor, Chris Tolliver

    2007: Will Blackwell, T-Bob Hebert, Ron Brooks, Josh Dworaczyk, Stefoin Francois, Jarrett Lee,

    44 4*

    So to answer your question based on next year's roster including this recruiting class,

    8 5*

    44 4*
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    Arkansas back in 2006 would be a close bet.

    I just checked, and I counted 21 four and five star recruits from 2002 through the 2006 class and I doubt all of those 21 recruits played that season.

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