Alex, I'll take Recruiting for $20,000

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    OK, I will take my lashing. I should know better:

    From another site:

    Kenneth was recently out in California as one of five finalists for the Alfred M. Watkins Memorial Scholarship. Both his father and mother came along and both have relatives that live in California. They got to see one of his uncles right before he passed away a week later. They also got to see his great uncle on his father's side of the family. This uncle is a very, very wealthy man. He owns nine ATMs and realized two were empty and low were very low. So they went to the bank that morning to get money to fill them up with. Kenneth said he had never seen that much money before so he took a picture with it. He wants to reassure everyone that yes, he didn't take a single cent or keep a single cent of it.

    "17th Annual Watkins Award Trophy Presentation 2008"
    Honoring Academic & Athletic Excellence:

    Presented to the top African American High School Scholar Athlete in the U.S.

    Five finalists (Elite Five) from around the country chosen and attended the celebrated ceremony at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, CA vying for this coveted prestigious award.

    The Elite Five:

    *MatthewDaniels – 4.0 GPA, Fayette County High School, Atlanta, Georgia

    *Kenneth Page – 3.8 GPA, AC Flora High School, Columbia, South Carolina

    *Covaughn DeBoskie – 4.1 GPA, Hamilton High School, Phoenix, Arizona

    *Brandon Moore – 4.5 GPA, Trotwood-Madison High School, Dayton, Ohio

    *DeVier Posey – 3.5 GPA, LaSalle High School,

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    And the Watkins Award goes to… Matthew Daniels!

    Matthew Daniels: 2008 Watkins Award Winner (Truly they are all winners. – IAM Entertainment!)

    Among the five distinguished finalists, Fayette County High School (Atlanta, Ga.) standout safety Matthew Daniels, who will continue his academic and athletic career at Duke University, was named the winner of the 17th annual Franklin D. Watkins Memorial Trophy Award Saturday evening at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, California. The award is presented each year to the nation's top African American male high school scholar athlete. Read more.

    A Past Watkins Award Winner Myron Rolle – 4.0 GPA, Pre Medical student, play’s safety at Florida State University. Another past Watkins Award Winner Former All-Pro NFL Player, Hall of Fame, Kansas City Chiefs running back Christian Okoye, dubbed the "Nigerian Nightmare" because of his bruising running style, an entrepreneur now reaches out to boys and girls through his foundation. Click here for a list of more past winners or logon to (The National Alliance of African American Athletes), Executive Director Everette Pearsall.

    I have no idea if this is accurate, but it reminded me of the aggie recruit who said tamu keeps money in your pockets....

    View attachment 10721

    It’s pretty safe to say that each and every academic institution in America doesn’t have the cleanest reputation when it comes to participating in Division I athletics. We like to turn a blind eye most of the time, but when we get the following email (with the above picture attached), it’s pretty hard to ignore.
    This pic was on Clemson recruit Kenneth Page’s Myspace page and it came down about as quickly as it went up. As some of you know he was a huge 4 star OL football recruit
    this past year and it came down to Clemson and UNC where [UNC] lost out on signing day.
    He must have been working hard this winter.
    Now, one would assume that Kenneth — whose Myspace page you can see here — would be smart enough not to have a picture taken of himself in the backseat of a car, wearing a Clemson orange polo shirt and holding a huge bag of straight-from-the-bank $20 bills. On the other hand, we thought Kelvin Sampson could quit texting his players by now.
    So we did our due diligence and checked up on his page as well, and frankly, it’s pretty hard to argue that it’s not in fact Kenneth in the photo with the bills. It’s entirely possible that Page just has a really rich grandmother who likes to hand out wrapped bills in plastic bags, but either way, you gotta figure Kenneth and Lil’ Bobby got some explaining to do.
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    cant buy weed without cash.

    (or sell it without getting cash)

    PURPLE TIGER HOPE is not a strategy!

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    Maybe he was just holding it for William Jefferson.

    Is this kid related to Marc Morial?
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    Why not pan the camera over to the naked high school English teacher sharing his cocaine in the other half of the seat.

    I mean, go big or go home, brother.
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