An interactive data map showing where every CFB team and conf recruits:

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    St. Mary Parish has more than twice the number of college players as neighboring Terrebonne Parish, with less than half the number of college-age males. Surprising.
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    This is some incredible info, so in depth.
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    I'm from Franklin. I remember hearing at some point when I grew up that Franklin was #1 in NFL players produced per capita. Not sure how true that is, now. I know Patterson and Morgan City have had their fair share as well.
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    Nowhere near what Franklin has had. I think they took down the sign they had behind Franklin HS listing all the school's NFL players, but there were about a dozen. Patterson and Central Catholic have each had a couple, Morgan City HS has had only 1, Urban Henry, who played for the Lombardi era Packers.
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    @DarkHornet By coincidence, I ran into the principal of Franklin HS tonight, and he was able to confirm that during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, the fact about the town being the #1 producer of NFL talent per capita was true, with 11 players in that time. They've added 3 more since 2000. He also said at one point in the late 70s, Franklin put 4 starters on LSU's defense at the same time, Lyman White, Leonard Marshall, Greg Bowser and a 4th who's name I forget. Oh, and the sign was knocked down by Hurricane Rita and never put back up.
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