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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by JohnnyT, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Just flipping through some channels and caught the following -

    - Pats/Broncos: didn't know Eric Edwards was starting at TE for Arizona. Leinart looked very good to me for only being in camp a few days. He completed a nice 25 yd pass to Edwards, and on the following play Edwards was praised by the play-by-play guys for a solid block letting the RB get outside, but then on the next play Edwards dropped an easy pass from Leinart. It is raining however
    - Rams/Texans: saw Claude Wroten get called for def holding on a run play; I think if D Davis doesn't get back soon it will take him some time to regain the starting spot as their other guys look okay
    - On a Patriots kickoff, Eric Alexander had a great hit to cause a fumble which was picked up by Randall Gay on the run for a few yards. Pats threw for a TD on first play after the TO.

    This NFL stuff will have to hold me over until the real season starts.

    Geaux Tigers!
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    Lucky for DD, Kubiak is going to use three backs, if at all possible. DD has earned the respect of his teammates, and brings the intangibles that Kubiak likes (e.g. picking up blocks, making key catches) so he won't be forgotten if Lundy and Morency step up.

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