As good as the O was....

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUpride123, Nov 6, 2010.

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    As good as the O was, hats off to the D man. They shut Bamas running game down, or at least enough to make Bama pass.

    Cant say enough about those young guys in our secondary. They played Huge....

    PP and Jones....

    Well, Jones Obliviously won the battle, But PP nearly played him perfect. The passes to Jones where about as close to perfect as they could get and Jones played as close to perfect as anyone could on PP.

    PP still had some nice stops ( like the on key tackle to hold Jones to 4th down ) and coverages.

    In all, D line came up HUGE.. Big game from them as we needed it.

    Cant say enough about our D, Bama is no second rate SEC team..
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    You will not shut out Jones when he is on like today. PP did a good job keeping him honest, he worked for it and benefitted from great ball placement. That was a classic battle between two studs in college football.
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    As far as Julio vs PP, I think Peterson played him well. Peterson had no chance of stopping that TD reception. He played 10 yds off of Julio on the 9yd line. Who the hell made that call? The overall game plan was solid, I just don't get that call.

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