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B.A.T. Party 2 (Big Ass Tailgate)

Discussion in 'The RoundTable' started by verouchi, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. verouchi

    verouchi KOC-RPH

    Hey for those of you who attended last year's BAT Party... we are back for year 2... What is the BAT Party? It is a combination of several tailgates that get together once a year to throw a big ass tailgate for one baseball game. Last year's success has brought about the return and growth of the 2nd BAT Party.

    Last year's BAT Party included members of KOC-RPH, Krewe'd Awakening, KOTD, Threaux Down Tailgating, Luzziana Skool of Mizfits, LSU Tiger Tailgaters and I am sure I am leaving someone out but you get the picture.

    Got a tailgate and you want to participate hit us up on facebook or here.

    This years BAT Party will be for the LSU / Bama series... Bama's Ultimate Tailgate Team has already committed to the event. So it should be fun we already have about 12 LSU tailgates who want to participate some come join in the fun.

    Also check out pics from last year

    This year's facebook event:

    BAT Party FB group:

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