"Bama's Bounty?" Will the SEC Suspend Dial?

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    What did you think of the way Mark Richt, internally, handled his players for their unsportsmanlike conduct? Richt said he disciplined Sheldon Dawson, when he poked the eyes of Alabama CB, Dee Milliner. Richt stated, He will not miss any playing time and no other UGA players are being punished for their action.

    When ask about the hit on Murray, Richt said: "There's helmet to helmet hits almost every play. How many times does a running back run the ball and he drives forward and here comes a tackler and they hit? I don't want to get into that right now, but I think everyone's trying to do what's right by the rules."

    There you have it, from the horses mouth.
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    Sorta. The crabs ate all mine. Stop derailing.

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