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    I am hating this system more and more, it is stupid that one loss would stop your chances for a championship. Just because a team is undefeated in the NCAA doesn't mean they are better than the teams below them in records. Look at Boise State, yes they look good every year and probably should be ranked where they are, however we don't know if they're any good because they don't play more than one good team a year it seems. Any team in the top ten could probably go undefeated with they're record. same goes for TCU. This isn't just about LSU's loss today, but also one loss might keep Alabama out of contention for the championship, also what about the year Auburn was undefeated and didn't get to go, that's just stupid that they didn't get a chance to go. There needs to be some kind of playoffs put in place, the pressure is too high on these teams to go undefeated. I can't wait for basketball, at least the underdog has a chance there.
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    You contradict yourself in your own post. You say "the pressure is too high on these teams to go undefeated", yet won't give credit for Boise doing it possibly 2 years in a row. You say you can't wait for basketball, but if it were up to you Boise St, the definition of underdog, wouldn't get a chance at the title.

    I'm not saying Boise St is the best team in the country, but if everyone else loses they should get the chance. The difference in conferences right now means that if 2 BCS teams are undefeated, Boise has no chance of going to the title game.

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