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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Hub, Feb 22, 2003.

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    With this whole TAF issue there have been several common themes from fans that don't like it but will accept it, like myself. This isn't the point of my posit and I won't dive into them but to me they are (in no order):

    1) When is enough money enough; Talking down the road a few years once all new facilities are built and warchest is created will they cut back/eliminate the surcharge? hell no.

    2) An arm for future subsidizing of the academic side. Book it TAF will eventually start subsidizing the academic said probably the answer to #1 above; We already do it when we pay our taxes year round;

    3) Tolerance for half ass programs will not exist. put simply 8-4 won't be acceptable anymore;

    These are 3 common themes i've heard from fans including myself.

    Another that comes to mind (the point of this post) that really hasn't been talked up in the TAF context is Scheduling...primarily football and basketball.

    I'll use Football as the example. Does LSU expect fans to pay these incredible sums of money to go watch the Tigers play ULM, San Jose, N Texas, and the list goes on and on. I think they do and I think it is wrong. We should get some quality OOC opponents to play year in and out. Right now it's 4 patsies a year and the SEC schedule (last year and the next couple of years it's 4 patsies and 1 quality or "name" team due to the weeks after August thing but it goes back to the norm in a couple of years). My point being if we've got to step up to the plate to fund this "improvement" shouldn't they have to step up to the plate to give us something worth seeing.

    As an analogy, would you pay the same price to go see Aerosmith as you would to see an Aerosmith cover band? Absolutely not wouldn't ever cross you mind.


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