Brutal Saturday for the Sabanistas

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Gold Nugget, Oct 11, 2010.

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    First of all St Nick loses to Spurrier and South Carolina. Saban is now 1-3 vs Spurrier losing by an average of 40-15 to him. That had to tug at the heartstrings of these people seeing the anger and frustration on Little Nickie's face knowing they couldn't comfort him.

    If that wasn't bad enough, they had to endure LSU and Miles' gutty comeback in the Swamp vs another media darling, Urban Meyer. Sure, there was some spitting and sputtering. Kickoff return and Florida's go-ahead drive were disappointing considering the special teams and defense had been stout all year. But that all was erased on the fantastic drive to end the game.

    Sure, the loser brigade and not just our own delightful "fans" will try to zero in on the fake field goal as "luck". Well, I love Jasper, but a 53 yard field goal ain't inside the leather. Plus, all that would have done is send the game into overtime and with the NCAA's bastardized overtime format, who knows what would have happened.Yes, LSU was fortunate that the attempted flip/pass did bounce backwards, but that wasn't the call. It worked against Spurrier in 2007 as a completed pass. But,knock yourself out. LSU dominated the game statistically but if you want to hang with the "Les Miles is the luckiest coach in the world" crowd, go for it.

    Sweet weekend. Geaux Tigers !:miles:

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