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    1995 Independence Bowl. Faulk and Kennison lead the Tigers in a shootout against the not-yet-beatified 'Lil Nicky.

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  2. mctiger

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    2000, LSU vs Tennessee. A benchmark win early in Saban's tenure, over The Chief and the Vols. Rohan Davey was a warrior in this game.

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    Fabulous game. Held Bryant's wishbone to zero first downs in the first half. Probably the best three-man defensive line to every play for LSU -- Leonard Marshall, Ramsey Dardar, and Bill Elko. They just stuffed the run out of the wishbone.

    Post-game, Bryant mused that maybe the time had come to get out of coaching. He retired at the end of the season and died a couple of months later.
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    1950 (Cinderella Season) L.S.U. Tigers versus Bud Wilkenson's O.U. Sooners in The Sugar Bowl

    #2 Oklahoma 35 (11-0-0)
    #9 LSU 0 (8-3-0)
    How Oklahoma and LSU Met in the 1950 Sugar Bowl
    Things didn't start the way they finished. Not by a longshot.
    "We actually started off well," Tiger back Kenny Konz said later. "We started like we had been playing during the regular season, pretty efficiently. Things at that point were going well."
    For 15 minutes the LSU line actually outperformed Bud Wilkerson's alternating units. In two possessions, the Tigers reached the Sooners 15, then the 35.
    Sooners quarterback Darrell Royal had to change things up to cope with the LSU defense. "Our drop-back passes were completely useless because they knew exactly what was coming," Royal said. "The passes I did complete were a new set of plays that we didn't practice."
    This is how well LSU was playing early against the eight-point favorite Sooners: Nine plays into the second quarter, Royal went to his alternate plan, lateralling to halfback Lindell Pearson, who threw to a wide-open Bobby Goad 40 yards downfield on the 8. The Sooners never did score as LSU held on fourth down inside the 1.
    Everything changed in the second quarter with a short drive after an LSU's punt, and a lost fumble. George Thomas going in on a 27-yard pass and a 5-yard run.
    Konz seemingly gave LSU a chance to get back in it with a punt that came to rest at the OU 14. Fullback Leon Heath then wheeled out of the Sooner split-T and blazed 86 yards, the longest scoring run of all the previous Sugar Bowls, to effectively end the game.
    Armand Kitto, a 157-pound LSU end who chased Heath the length of the field, said,"...They say on a long run like that, a bear will jump on the runner's back. Well, I just kept waiting for the bear to jump on him and, instead, he jumped on me."
    Another lost fumble and interception near the LSU goal led to two more Oklahoma touchdowns, ballooning the score.
    In the first 15 games the Sugar Bowl had a remarkable matchmaking record with an average of seven points separating the opponents. The 1950 game remains the worst scoring differential in Sugar Bowl history. The headline in the Dallas News of January 3 read: "Oklahoma Overpowers Minor League LSU Team," ignoring the fact that LSU had beaten both Rice and North Carolina, the Cotton Bowl participants.
    Wilkerson graciously understated the SEC's eighth defeat in 12 Sugar Bowls when he said, "If we played LSU a dozen times we'd never play that well against them again, or score that many points. They're too good a team."
    This was probably why the Sooners coach didn't take out his regulars until approximately three minutes remained in the game and the score stood at its final 35-0.
    Recap excerpted from the book "Sugar Bowl Classic: A History" by Marty Mulé, who covered the game and the organization for decades for the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
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    1951 Sugar Bowl

    The 1951 Sugar Bowl was the 17th Sugar Bowl matchup, pitting the Big Seven champion Oklahoma Sooners (ranked #1 in the Associated Press poll) against the Southeastern Conference champion Kentucky Wildcats (ranked #7). Oklahoma's regular season record was 10-0; Kentucky's was 10-1. Oklahoma averaged 34.5 points per game; only one team had scored more than twice in a game against Kentucky that season. Oklahoma entered the January 1, 1951 game with a 31-game winning streak; the Sooners' last loss had come on September 25, 1948. Kentucky was coached by Bear Bryant; Oklahoma was coached by Bud Wilkinson. Notable players for the two teams included Oklahoma's Billy Vessels and Kentucky's Charlie McClendon, Babe Parilli and Wilbur "Shorty" Jamerson. 82,000 fans attended the game.
  7. Smilodon

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    1959 LSU / OLE MISS

    In 1959, Cannon led #1 LSU to a victory over #3 Ole Miss. The Tigers were trailing 3-0 when Cannon returned a punt 89 yards for a TD, breaking seven tackles. It was the only TD of the game, resulting in a 7-3 victory for LSU in Tiger Stadium. That year, Cannon won the Heisman Trophy and was again voted the UPI College Football Player of the Year|UPI Player of the Year.
  8. mctiger

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    @Smilodon nice find on the '50 Sugar Bowl. Here are Bert Jones and cousin Andy Hamilton picking Notre Dame to pieces in 1971. I believe this may have been the first nationally televised game from Tiger Stadium.

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    The LSU Notre dame game was one of the great times in Tiger stadium. I remember the goal line stand and I don't think the crowd has ever been louder, including the earthquake game. It made up for being screwed by the zebras the year before in South Bend.
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    I had the honor of watching Ruston High versus Woodlawn High's Knights in 1969 at Captain Shreve Stadium (Shreveport). I don't remember the exact date of the epic clash. I do remember it featured QB Joe Ferguson (Woodlawn) vs QB Bert Jones (Ruston). Woodlawn won it. I remember that. It was my introduction (first look) at Bert Jones.

    "The two game LSU / Notre Dame series remain one of the greatest one-n-one series in CFB history."

    I own the Notre Dame coaches game film 1970 , 1971
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