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    Does the parking info that you gave me two years ago still apply...see below:

    Coming from that area you are not far from campus. Three options.

    (1)You can take Highland Road. Go west on Bluebonnet (toward the Mall) to Highland. Take a right on Highland and follow it to campus. IF you leave early you can park near the lakes around the Agriculture Center. You will see a large oblong building on the right once you enter campus. That is the Parker Coliseum Ag Center. Turn right on South Stadium Drive just past the Coliseum and find a spot on the road. Try to park facing out since the street is one way after the game. Easier to enter traffic that way. My suggestion is get on campus by 8AM. The stadium is about a 1 mile walk...just follow all the people. (Remember land marks as you is very easy to get lost on the way back. If you do, ask the directions to the Ag Center or Parker Coliseum...most everyone knows where it is) When you leave you will be directed to Stanford Drive. It will turn into Acadian and I-10 is right there. Just stay in the right lane and you will be fine. Once on I-10 east just follow it back to Bluebonnet.

    2)Take I-10 West to Acadian. This is actually the way you will come out after the game in the above scenario also. Follow it until you see a park and beach (well what we in Baton Rouge call a beach...I think it is still in various stages of rebuild) Anyway stay in the right lane, remember now that Acadian will turn into Stanford but it is all the same stretch of road. Once past the Beach you will be in the turn lane for South Stadium. Again, once on campus, find a place along the road either lake side or Coliseum side. Same directions out as above.

    3) Take I-10 West to 110 will vier toward Downtown so just just follow the signs that say Baton Rouge Business District...not the ones that say Lafayette. Stay in the right lane once on 110 and you come to Government St pretty quickly. Take a right on Government and follow until you get to the bottom of a hill next to the River Center. Take a left toward the casino and stay on that road until it empties onto Nicholson (just past the landmark known as the Pasttime Lounge). Once on Nicholson it will take you to campus. Just past the Baseball stadium is Skip Bertman Drive. You will turn right and be headed toward the river. Once you get to the Vet School there will be parking near River Road on the left in the River Lots. I usually park down River Road to the right a bit. It will be one way after the game and will take you back to the casino and out to Government St (stay on the right side).

    It is a bit of a walk for both places but you will get in and out without much traffic hassle. I live 30 minutes away and can make it home in about an hour using these spot. Any others and I'm there for 3.

    This helped a lot then and hope to have the same success this year.

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