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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsu99, Oct 24, 2001.

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    Oct 24, 2001
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    Lou Holtz's comments about crowd noise were pretty absurd and I doubt that he has many people that would agree with his views. As for this Saturday night, I'm sure Tiger fans will have little trouble "getting up" for Ole Miss and I expect the stadium to be rocking like never before (possibly) if it's a good game. LSU fans are always ready to scream their heads off when the other team sets up to snap the ball and there's no better feeling than screaming as loud as you can but yet, you still can't distinguish you own voice. This may be an impossible task, but I'd like to challenge all Tiger fans to begin this process a little earlier while Eli and the offense are getting in the huddle to call the play. This might be tough to do for the entire game, but it could be important to set the tone early in the contest. I've tried to do this before but it only seems to work in the student section. Outside of it, little girls and senior citizens seem to be wondering how many beers I've had that day. If enough people do it in the entire stadium, it could work as a domino effect and hinder communication in the huddle. Can this work?
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    The 8:00 kickoff, the division implications, and the traditional Halloween game will sure help.
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    I'll do my part lsu99!!!!

    How many beers do I need to drink that day?? ;) :D

    I really think the crowd will have no trouble being loud at this game. We will be able to throw 'em off early and that will help us get out of the gates.

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