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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by EELSU1, Sep 4, 2002.

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    I thought the defense played great against Virginia Tech, considering how much it was on the field. Allowing a team a little over 200 total yards in a game is a terrific effort, and at one point in the 3Q, time of possession might have been in Tech's favor by over 12 minutes, and that's a lot.

    There were many plays where LSU handled Tech's OL and RB's easily. Of course, Tech's defense was doing the same thing. But other than a couple of long runs, a few good passes, and a QB scramble or two, LSU's D wasn't allowing much, and it was playing better than it did in any game last season IMO (including the Auburn game). The TD drives the Tigers allowed were shorter than most FG's. I'm pretty sure all 3 of Tech's TD drives didn't equal the length of a football field.

    With a few early completions by the offense, it might have been a very different game. But 3rd down conversions weren't to be found. The passing game was really out of synch, and there's no question the players and coaches will work hard to get it righted quickly.

    This loss will be a case where LSU will take a negative and turn it into a positive. The effort we'll see from the team now will be what everyone expects of a SEC champion.
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    Did Virginia Tech score 26 points or did I miss something. Did LSU defense have Virginia Tech stopped at the 50 on 3 and 10 and not wrap up and he went to inside the 10 and score a couple of plays later. Sorry that does not cut it they needed to step up at times and they did not. I believe Saban was as mad at the Defense on plays as he was about the rest of the game.

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    Is Virginia Tech not a Top 15 team? I think people forget that sometimes the other team makes a good play too.

    Under normal circumstances, the defense's play was good enough to win. If the offense was even mediocre and managed to get AT LEAST one or two first downs every now and then, the field position would've been dramatically different. If that would've happened, the score would've been more in the range of 16-8 instead of 26-8.

    The LSU defense was giving up an average of 300 passing yards last year. They gave up 65 on Sunday. That's improvement, no matter what the score is.

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