Elite recruits are spurning top in-state schools more than ever before

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by LSUDad, Jan 24, 2014.

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    This is true in 49 of 50 states. In the 50th state, its because Les Miles is a putz.
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    Hey, ESPN! Give me back my drum!!!
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    There was, is, and always will be an advantage for recruits to go to their in state school. If you're from Texas and you go to school in Alabama, you have in effect moved to Alabama. After college, NFL (Not For Long) maybe, and you want to come back home to Texas and open that business, get that job, you've lost that network, that capital or whatever you want to call it by leaving the state.

    Another thing, schools are telling their kids to get out and see the world. So what do they do? Go to College Station, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Tuscaloose, Opelika(?), LOL.

    ESPN is benefiting and encouraging the trend. Which hat is it going to be? Oh, the drama.

    OK, all that said, it is what it is and (in my opinion) LSU needs to adopt a new tact. I think they counted on too many in state kids and got in on some of the top national prospects a little late. Im talking about Damien Prince, Breeland Speaks, Lorenzo Carter etc. They need to line 'em up on their board the way they want them and go after them. First commit, first served. If the instate kids want to go to LSU then commit, else they might be left out.

    OK, I'll hang up and listen.
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  5. cajdav1

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    Wish it was that easy.
  6. lsu-i-like

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    How many Bama kids did Bama miss out on (that they wanted)? LSU has to keep working at being a cutting edge training ground for the NFL.

    I will say that some kids want to get away from their past and bad influences; it's hard to fault that.
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    In some ways he is right. Recruiting is about building relationships. Dale Brown with Shaq. I've told the story of my friend the LSU coach that had to go through the town preacher to get one of the top players in the state of La.
    I often talk about a good coach knowing if a kid is gonna sign with his school.

    Former LSU Coach Jerry Stovall use to take a kid by his word. If you gave him your word you were coming to LSU, he took you at your word.

    Some of these kids gave LSU the night before that they were giving a verbal the next day. Once again Coach Stovall comes into play.

    I say this one all to often, wish them the best and move on.

    A major owner in a couple fine dining places in La said that he would hire the local kids that stayed to play for the instate schools. I know a number of business owners that say the same thing. People remember, not soon to forget.
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    Might want to double check those numbers (Yahoo! as well.) Bo Scarbrough isn't listed. And after that, ask yourself why you're using Rivals...

    Right now, looking at 1 of 3, with Hump 2 of 4, leaving Evans.
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    There are more than 25 kids in Louisiana this year with Elite talent. Even if Miles signed nothing but LA kids, he would still be letting Elite Talent leave the state. That's not to say that sometimes a kid just wants to go and you can't fault anyone for that. Contrary to popular belief, LSU is not the perfect school for everyone.

    Just move on and focus on the kids that do want to come to LSU...
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