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Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by wjray, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. wjray

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    So I've been diagnosed with frozen shoulder. It hurts like a mofo.

    My doctor has me in physical therapy right now. The first session wasn't too bad -- heat, electrical stimulation and ultrasound. But the therapist said Monday we get serious and I'm in for some discomfort.

    My question is has anyone had frozen shoulder? How did therapy go? Was surgery necessary? Was there ultimately recovery?
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    That fellar on the Wizard of Oz. Can't remember his name right off.
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  3. mctiger

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    My question back at you is, what the hell is frozen shoulder? I've never heard of it.
  4. wjray

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    I actually said the same thing when I got diagnosed.

    Adhesive capsulitis. Adhesions form in the soft tissues of the shoulder preventing movement. Sometimes, according to my doc, they form due to old injuries.
  5. TigersTailgating

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    Not sure about frozen shoulder, but a few years back I ripped the labrum completely out of the glenoid cavity... MRI and Xrays showed a hillsachs fracture, hillsachs lesion, bankhart lesion, slap lesion, and two 2x2cm full thickness tears in the rotator cuff. Spent 10 wks in a sling post-op then several months of PT... hurt like hell and recovery was very slow. Damn shoulder still isn't totally right but better than it was. Good luck on your recovery bro, shoulder issues are not fun.
  6. mctiger

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    That doesn't sound like fun at all. Best of luck in your rehab.
  7. Herb

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    I think that is what my wife gives me anytime I start getting goes way beyond the 'cold' shoulder.
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  8. wjray

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    Unfortunately I have some experience with shoulder problems. Tore the insertion of the suprespinatus about 15 years ago in my right shoulder. Ignored it for a year, scar tissue built up and ultimately wore a hole in the bursa. Had to have surgery to detach the tendon, scrape off the scar tissue, reattach it, and close the hole in the bursa. Rehab was a bitch and it was never quite the same after but I could still play golf and occasionally throw a curveball.

    But this time the issue is with the left shoulder. I guess the only positive is that if surgery is necessary, from what I understand it'll be the scope so I won't have a matching 4" scar.



    Kinda like this?
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  10. RHans405

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    A frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis occurs when you injure your shoulder and quit using it. Adhesions form in the bursa around the shoulder joint that need to be lysed. I do a lot of shoulder arthrograms and lyse adhesions all the time. Your phyical therapist is going to go through range of motion exercises that will try and stretch and break up the adhesions. Take your advil before and after. :)
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