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    Taken from the BuffaloNews............

    Northern exposure

    Former Bills LB Gabe Northern was among the visitors at the scrimmage. Northern was the team's second-round draft pick (after WR Eric Moulds) in 1996. He spent four seasons with the Bills before moving on to Minnesota. Northern is now out of football and isn't sure if he'll get another shot.

    "I want to play, but no one seems to want me," he said.

    I really thought Gabe had talent. I guess he's too small?
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    Jan 14, 2002
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    He was great when at LSU. Not for just his play on the field but his personality was great.

    Like Booger. I really liked him. He was a fun guy to watch and converse with off the field.

    I wish him the best. I guess there is arena football.

    Home here in Dallas, The Cowboys 1st round pick Shante Carver has found a home in Arena ball.

    And the whiney UT QB, Kelly whos dad wrote a letter saying his son was cheated supposedly is breaking records in Arena ball.

    Geaux Tigers.
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    The Dallas arena ball guy is a different Kelly. He has been in arena league for alot of years. Maybe related but not the same guy.

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