Game By game outlook on 2002 season

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    Sept 1 #13 LSU at #16 Virginia Tech
    Virginia Tech comes into this game 1-0 with 1 game under their belt. That, however, will not factor as Matt Mauck doesnt have his best game but gets the job done. This game is played very close throughout the first 3 quarters, as the score is 17 21 VT, Mauck leads the team on a 13 play 90 yrd drive to take the lead on a beautiful fade to Michael clayton, Marquise Hill and Bradie James take down Grant Noel to force a 4th and 8 on VTS 20 with 8 min to play, DD takes it to the house on a punt return as LSU pulls away with this one 31-21 Mauck 15-25 220yrds 1 td 2 int
    Toe 25 carries 150 yrds 2 tds

    Sept 7 Citadel at LSU #10
    LSU comes into this one with their heads high after a hard fought win in Blacksburg, The LSU offense comes out firing on a 70 yrd bomb to Michael LCayton and there is no turning back after it, Mauck starts making Tiger fans belivers with a 13 for 15 preformance in which he throws for 250 yrds and 3 tds
    final score Tigers 62 The Citadel 0

    Sept 14 Miami (Ohio) vs LSU #9
    the LSU offense overlooks Miami towards the coming up SEC opener and fires blanks on all of its 1st half posessions, yet the defense keeps the tigers in the game only giving up a 1 td
    Labrandon Toefield comes out like a mad man on a mission after a 80 yrd drive to open up the half on which he carried the team. LSU offense finds its rythem as it puts up 38 in the second half to win 38-10, Mauck had his worst prefomance with a 8-20 150yrd 3 int outing.

    LSU#9 vs MISS ST
    This one is over on the first kick as Shyrone Carey takes it from goaline to goaline and sets the tone for the rest of the game, Mauck improves his numbers this time while Clayton has a breakout game with 12 catches for 174 yrds and 2tds
    final score lsu 31-miss st 14

    LSU# 8 vs ULL
    On HOmecoming LSU blows out ULL in rememberance of Wally Pontiff (ULL player cursing at Wally) 3 players reach the century mark rushing the ball as toe DD and adaii combine for 400 yrds of offense, Mauck only 8-10, not much needed though
    final score lsu 44 ull 21

    LSU#8 FLorida #5
    LSu visits the suprising FLorida Gators at the swamp as its college Gameday is there, corso says gator bait as herbstriet disagrees, toe sprains and ankle and is out, so Mauck carries the team with his breakout game, 25 of 38 for 359 yrd and 3 tds, he leads the team on which will be the bayou version of the drive as he goes 90 yrds on 10 plays in 2 min to set up the game winning touchdown as teaux comes in against doctors orders to punch it in as time expires. final score LSU 34 Fla31

    LSU#3 vs #10 South Carolina
    LSU lets the upset of the year get to them as mauck throws 4 int , Toe goes over 100 yards again
    score 28-21

    LSU#7 at Auburn
    Auburn comes out firing as LSU fires blanks first half score 28-0 AUB
    LSU shows the heart that the college LSU represents with an un heard of comeback as they tie the game as Mauck to robinson on a 30 yrd post tie it up wiht 30 seconds to go
    in 4th OT, AUb stops lsu and LSU is forced to kick a field goal
    on 3rd and goal for aub Bradie James comes from the weak side to sack Daniel Cobb and force a fumble, the ball is on the ground rolling as Damien James comes from the safety position to scoop it up final score
    LSU 44 AUB 41

    LSU#5 at Kentucky
    a rested LSU team wins again as Toe goes for 220 yrds. the defense is gelled by now and pitches a shut out, 28-0

    LSU#5 vs Alabama
    last home game and the tigers dont disapoint as Toe and CLayton both go over 1,000 for the year as the tigers wrap up the west and the goal posts come down
    LSU 31 Alabama 21

    LSU#6 at Ole miss
    Rohan who? Mauck goes over 3,000 on the year with a brilliant 400 yard preformance.
    LSU 28 OLe miss 14

    LSU#6 at Arkansas
    The tigers bring home the boot as tiger fans are getting ready for a showdown with undefeated Tenn.

    LSU#6 vs TENN #1
    same story as the winner goes to the BCS
    its de ja vu as Jimbo pulls a quick one on mr fulmer by calling a Quarter back draw and 3 and 5 to wrap up another SEC champion ship and a date with Texas in New Orleans

    LSU#4 Texas#3
    the tigers D smells chris simms as they abuse him for 8 sacks and 4 int, Toe and DD go over 100 as CLayton goes over 200 and Mauck goes over 300, LSU pulls away as an emotional Bradie James plays his last game as a tiger, 4 sacks 1 pick and a td,LSU41 Texas 21 Bradie cant help but wipe tears off his face as the sugar bowl MVP holds up the SUgar BOwl trophy and says i wont be back next year, but the men around me will.
    final stats
    Mauck 200-320 for 3,180 yrds 60% and 17 tds
    Toe 1,400 yards 24 tds(comes back and smells sugar in NO on JAn 3 2004
    Clayton 1,300 yards as the next superstar at LSU is ready for another great year
    Bradie James 120 tackles 9 sacksand 3int 1st draft pick
    Damien James 6 picks and 40 tackles
    Corbello 16-20
    Donnie Jones 45 yrd average,
    LSU final record
    13-1#2 SEC west/SEC/ Sugar Bowl Champs
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    Hey, Ill take it. Toe goes for 24 TDs? I think he can, but man, thats 5 TDs over the SEC record (which by the way, is held by Toe). But sounds good to me.

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