Gore reads the "writing on the wall"

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Mr. Wonderful, Dec 15, 2002.

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    Sep 11, 2002
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    A coincidence he annouces he is not running because he has no chance of winning while vacationing in New York? I think not. Al Gore's decision not to lose in 2004 has everything to do with the momentum of the Reverend Al Sharpton. Sharpton is up by 12 points in the latest Democratic poll in New York. No Democrat can win the primary without New York. And who is the benefactor of this hysteria over Lott? Certainly not these crackers pretending to be upset. No, its the Reverend Al Sharpton. The negro will come out to vote in droves in the primary in 2004 and Reverend Al captures the heart, spirit and most importantly minds of the American negro. Once again, Sir Biggles and myself, 2 sensible moderates, were ahead of everyone else in embracing this Democratic Party champion.

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