Hammick, Hickey & Morgan to transfer

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by mrgreen21, May 13, 2014.

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    Geez. What's up with that?
  3. ParadiseiNC

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    esp. w/Hickey? Morgan almost transferred before, and Hammink wasn't getting the PT he wanted, I suppose, so those are a bit understandable. Three leaving begs for some answers. I hope CJJ is forthcoming about this.
  4. Cajun Sensation

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    I'm hearing that at least 1 of the 3 (Hickey) may have run into some legal issues.
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    Best write up on the situation so far, as it is quickly being reported...


    Look I think one way to look at this is, losing a 3 year starter is certainly a bummer. But, some of the attrition is explainable and in some ways, from certain folks' perspectives, is a good thing. In the end, you've got players unhappy with PT, and potentially seeing eye to eye with the coach, and dealing with 19, 20 year old kids who are college basketball players is always dicey.

    To me, the story says this was Coach Jones and LSU's call to make in Hickey's case. With Morgan, he already had flirted with leaving and is recovering from injury. With Hammink, hard to see a legacy leave, but probably a case of reality setting in. Remember, ALL Trent Johnson recruits.

    Jones and staff have eyes on other players--they always do--it can be unsettling for current players to know there is always the potential of better talent coming in. With this announcement, you've got more assured playing time going to guys like Josh Gray, who was even reported to be flirting with the NBA. So, now there are no questions and no room for drama between him and Hickey. This is a Gray/Hornsby backcourt, and you've got a case with a mature, pretty seasoned 6'4" SG (Hornsby) who already has been practicing with the team all year (so no inexperience excuses). And, an All-JUCO PG (Gray) who has played in the Big 12. Don't forget about Tim Quarterman, who is versatile enough to play both spots as a sophomore--the question for him is, does he have the work ethic and confidence to compete and stay within the program? Always a question with basketball players who think they are better than they are, or deserve more love.

    The interesting question to me is where does CJJ go with depth, and what recruiting tricks does he have up his sleeve. What other guys are his staff recruiting? We have another 8 days for spring signings to occur, and I would guess we'll see maybe one player--guard/wing--come into the fold (and more news to trickle out).
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  7. bhelmLSU

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    The one that sticks out to me is Morgan. Seemed like he was getting into a very nice groove right before the injury. Might have been a good contributor.

    I have been on the Gray train for a while now and no obstacles now. Let Stinger take the shots Hickey was throwing up.
  8. ParadiseiNC

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    Yeah, like always, the devil is in the details, and now some of this is making sense. Again, not surprised by Morgan or Hammink individually, but Hickey was a surprise for me, and 3 suddenly leaving was a bit of a jolt. But, now, recognizing the behind the scenes concerns w/Hickey, it makes more sense. I thought Hickey had gotten his shyt together - maybe his haircut had me convinced. Now, others have opportunities, or less barriers. Like you say, all of these guys were actually CTJs recruits, so now CJJ has a chance to step up the talent overall. Hickey is hard to replace, but not impossible. Time to move forward.
  9. gumborue

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    there is no way to turn this in to a good thing for the 14-15 season. hickey cannot be replaced. maybe the 15-16 team will be better, but then mickey and martin will likely be gone.
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    I feel that Gray if lives up to the billing can be an upgrade at the position offensively and defensively. His highlight tapes at Texas Tech and Juco are sick.


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