Help vote former Tiger Roy Winston onto the Vikings 50th anniversary team

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Meathead, Nov 12, 2010.

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    I just got this email from a close friend who was on the 1958 national championship team:

    Hello friends and family, you may not have heard yet, but my Dad has been nominated for a place on the Vikings Franchise 50th anniversary team along with several other players. The Vikings organization has decided to let the fans vote for the top 50, so we need your vote. Click on the link below to vote . Voting ends November 29th . You can vote as many times as you like there is no limit. If you have time watch his highlight video. Wow, that’s “Old School” football.
    • Once you are in the site click on vote now
    • Scroll down to ROY WINSTON
    • Select the check box next to his name
    • Click on vote now to save your vote
    • Your vote will be saved
    • The personal information requested after your vote is saved is optional

    LINK -> 50 Seasons Of Minnesota Vikings Football

    Thank you all so much. Feel free to forward this email and the link to all your football fan friends and family.

    Julie Winston Waters
    LSU grad, Birmingham resident, Roy Moonie Winston’s #1 fan
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    Done. A couple of other former Tigers are on the list as well, Henry Thomas and Willie Teal. Do not vote for Robert Smith.

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