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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by MikebTiger, Aug 26, 2004.

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    LSU has some strong, strong, strong players this year!!!!!!!!

    From Dandy Don-

    Here is some information on the strength of the LSU football team that was sent to me by someone very close to the program. In 2002, LSU had 17 players that bench pressed over 400 and one over 500. In 2003, they had 35 that were over 400 and three over 500. This year, there are 45 players that bench over 400 and six who bench over 500. One additional player hit 500 a couple of weeks ago that wasn't included, so if you add him, make that seven. Nate Livings hit almost a perfect score in the conditioning tests. An example, it was required (for linemen) to run 16-110's in 18 seconds or better with a 45 second interval. Livings ran some of the 110's in 16 and 17 seconds. He's 298 pounds. Marcus Spears improved his bench press by 40 lbs. Herman Johnson arrived at 411 and now weighs 361. From all of the players, 25 scored perfect on their tests.

    45 players bench over 400 pounds. That's over half the team!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes.
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    What they're not saying

    One ole boy on the OL is benching right at 600 lbs ... can you imagine the undersized overhyped AU & GA punks that get in his way ... they don't have a prayer.

    And the hitting in practice is so friggin ferocious ... Saban has to keep red shirts on Randall ... everyone's limping ... good thing for a day off ... time to get a game plan on ...

    I pity the poor Beavers ... God Almighty ... I sure do. That Derek Anderson ain't gonna know whether to **** or go blind :shock:

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