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    Keith* Frazier
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    "The middle of the day's schedule provided quite a treat when 2013's No. 2 player Julius Randle and Plano (Texas) Prestonwood faced off with the No. 12 player Jarell Martin and Madison (La.) Prep."

    Thanksgiving day Hoopsfest... Notes on Martin and Mickey

    It's really hard finding info on Deng Deng
    "A night after nearly knocking off seventh-ranked Chipola in a 73-67 thriller, Lee’s Deng Deng, who with Jamal Jones had a team-best 17 points, missed two free throws with two seconds remaining to make it a 3-point game."

    "I'm excited to play with Jarell and see what we can do together," Mickey said Wednesday. "We played together a lot at camps and have gotten to know each other well. We both do a lot of the same things -- rebound well, block shots and defend. We'll play well together."

    Even harder to find info on Tim Quarterman
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    We'll see... he has LSU in his "finalist" list of 4. Tremendous scorer, and with Quarterman in the backcourt, it could be over for other teams in the SEC! :)

    I'd call us STACKED.... ... a ton of Frazier highlights.
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    HornLand I hope you & MrGreen are right about Frazier. That would be awesome, i'm just wondering why LSU isn't listed on ether Scout or Rivals as one of his schools of interest? Are those sites that outdated or do you guys know something that they dont know. lol. So if I understand correctly Deng is on hold till we see if Frazier wants the last scholarship?
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    All we know is what is thrown around in limited press and boards. ESPN lists Frazier with a LSU offer, and more the "top lists" have come out on recent interviews. What we do know is that Frazier, like many of the North Texas kids, knows CJJ from his days at North Texas. There is reported a little bit of a sort of connection between Frazier's "inner circle" and Johnny Jones. Frazier is primarily looking at TX schools and has reportedly LSU in his top list, including Texas, SMU, LSU and A&M, and this is after sort of eliminating some farther away schools like AZ. What's also clear is that the kid's in no hurry, and will wait until spring. Interesting because Texas is sort of having an off year recruiting this year (frankly, struggling this year with injuries and a super young team), and Larry Brown has sort of been in on some big fish, but hasn't hooked 'em yet. A&M as a SEC school offers an interesting choice because of some of the kids in the TX AAU scene that Frazier likely knows... but LSU with Jordan Mickey and CJJ has as good a chance as any. I see CJJ actually playing a style more in tune with Frazier's game than say Rick Barnes or Kennedy.

    Hence, i think CJJ is staying open. The nice thing about his fall is that he can also afford to sit back and watch. Yes, Deng's a little bit on "hold" and if he stays there, there's one schollie open. Supposedly the rumor is that today at the Tip-Off luncheon, Jones also said that there could be more spots come spring. Obviously, that's just leaving open the possibility that someone won't come back, whether that's JOB to the NBA, or a transfer. In any case, I'll put some faith in CJJ and Robert Kirby. If they really want a kid that fits their style of play, they've shown an ability to close.
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    would be awesome! when was the last time lsu landed a 5star guard? livingston?
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    Can't say that I can remember the last 5 star. LSU even in the Brady/Trent days has been more about signing bigs. Perhaps it is that Henderson/Livingston time frame? Many of our guards of the last decade were underrated guys that learned to play within the LSU system. Garrett Temple, Antonio Hudson, Darrell Mitchel, Marcus Thornton, Jamie Howard? All guys that were 2 or 3 star guys. Thornton was the most talented, but a JUCO all american type.

    So, the fact that Jones has come in and landed Quarterman (4 star) and could be on some kids that have that 4-5* potential, speaks volumes to his system and a style that promotes guards.
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    Wasn't Jamie Brandon a 5 star?
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    You are right-- Jamie Brandon (not howard) -- was a parade all american and likely a 5 star. But, he is actually older than Randy Livingston. All the 5 stars in the immediate "era" of the 2000s, were bigs. Stromile Swift, Big Baby, Anthony Randolph. Even Trent's biggest signee, JOB, was likely borderline 4 as opposed to 5 star, even though he was a McD AA.

    CJJ has Jarrell Martin. The question will be whether he can get a kid like Craig Victor, Dante Exum, to sign with LSU in the future years. There are at lot of very solid players in the LA area coming up, but more 3-4 star guys than 5 star guys. LSU's name and coaches' connections are going to have to be what gets us looks from the big names.

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