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How embarrassing.

Discussion in 'The Sidelines' started by HeLsFury, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. HeLsFury

    HeLsFury Freshman

    No offense again.
    Congrats to Clemson, for spanking LSU.

    This needed to be done,so that LSU might see the coaching lacks, which is what lost this ball game.
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  2. midtowntiger

    midtowntiger Founding Member

    I can't believe the coaching and playing was so terrible, but we are stuck with Miles for more bad years!!! How can the AD at LSU not see what a joke Miles and company are!
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  3. edwardejw

    edwardejw LSU 4 ever

    Mett just sucks. That is all there is. He sucks. He is worse than JJ who at least had pocket presence. God help us if we have to endure him next year.
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  4. HeLsFury

    HeLsFury Freshman

    Players gave up at the end of the game. THEY JUST GAVE UP.
    I'm back to get rid of Les Miles. And for Gods sake GET RID OF THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR AND THE QUARTERBACK COACH.
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  5. LSU1913PAW

    LSU1913PAW Freshman

    Can't keep blaming the QB. Poor coaching and play calling on offense for a while now.
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  6. edwardejw

    edwardejw LSU 4 ever

    Y'all are wrong about the coaching. Mett takes too long to set up, he cant throw on the rollout, he is totally unaware of the rush in fact we won 10 games in spite of him. I can see why Georgia wanted no part of him.
  7. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    100 plays is a lot to ask of the defense.
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  8. edwardejw

    edwardejw LSU 4 ever

    I hope Rivers can beat him out next year. 8 three and outs is totally unacceptable. 8 count em 8. Clemson ran what, 106, 107 plays. 3 and outs are not Miles' fault.
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  9. edwardejw

    edwardejw LSU 4 ever

    Miles got that contract because his teams won 11 games 5 of his 7 years, 10 this year and 12 his national championship year. In the SEC, that is pretty impressive. He can also beat 'Bama which Charlie Mac could never do!

    Everybody just better buckle up because "Johnny Football" is gonna rule the SEC next year and what is worse the national championship is gonna run through Columbus next year. Look what Meyer did with arguably his worst team that he is going to field. Wait until he recruits his own.

    I'm done bitching. Happy new year all and I'm gonna get whupped by the wife at Boggle.
  10. HeLsFury

    HeLsFury Freshman

    Here comes Les Miles ON 98.1, his time on radio.

    Ahhhh ahhh ahhhh Ahhhhh AHHHHHH.

    I cant wait to hear him say what a great team Clemson is.

    Here we go.
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