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    this will not be a bang up year, nothing like last year on offense.
    people just need to face that reality now, we will run the ball quite a bit behind this good offensive line.
    But do not expect lights out at QB, both guys are young and will face tremendous pressure.
    i do expect the defense to be great on the back end but lacking up front.
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  2. LSU_4_LIFE

    LSU_4_LIFE Im just sayin........

    I agree with a lot of the posts here.

    I think LSU will run, run, and run some more. And why wouldnt they? We have One of the best offensive lines in the country and a stable of RB's in TM, LF and KH. Minus last season, the QB has ALWAYS been a question mark for LSU since Flynn and LSU has been nothing shy of a power house season after season since a rebuilding year in 2008

    2 questions I have on defense, can our pass rush consistently get to the QB? Can we get off the field on 3rd down? I have no doubt that once again LSU's defense will be dominant and fun to watch. We have a lot of youth, but we also have a lot of depth up front and in the secondary and saying that automatically says our special teams will be solid again as well.

    I think for the 1st time in a long time, the SEC has question marks all around the league. I am not buying anything about Auburn leading the way, they had too many miracles last season to get where they ended, and teams now have a year to scout and prepare from GM and his one minute offense. Will Bama reload? Most likely, too much talent not to. UF will always have the potential be a special team regardless of last seasons record, but we still have to wait and see as they lost some talent last year as well. Especially on the defensive side. Jawja, interesting to see how they fair without Murray who has been their sword the last 4 years.

    LSU obviously has 5 really tough games this year: Opener vs. Wisconsin, @ Auburn, @ Florida, Bama @ home and A&M on thanksgiving in College Station. All other games should be W's giving we execute and play smart football. These 5 games listed, could all swing either way based on any given Saturday (or Thursday) but I haven't seen enough (by enough I mean "anything" yet) to say we win all 5, and no way in my right mind will I say we lose all 5. So in summary I am not screaming playoffs until LSU shows me what they have, and I am not screaming 2 or 3 losses until LSU shows me what the don't have.

    Either way I am extremely optimistic and excited football is right around the corner and even more excited about this particular team and coaching staff.

    Geaux Tigers!
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  3. red55

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    I think everybody will be expecting Cameron to protect his young quarterback for a few plays by running power football. That is why I think he will go straight to a quarterback play to catch them napping. Maybe a play-action pass or a run-pass option.
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  4. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    I tend to agree. This is a serious rebuilding year. Lots of talent, but little playing time for many of them and practically none for the QB's. It's going to be hard to get out of the SEC West with less than 3 losses and a fourth loss from somewhere is not unlikely.
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  5. shane0911

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    Its tough to hide your QB in this league. He'd better have something for em.
  6. LSU_4_LIFE

    LSU_4_LIFE Im just sayin........

    I agree. Cam cant protect these guys (if we want to win). Harris and Jennings both understood this when they enrolled at LSU, and they know what they are up against. They understand the opponents will continually stack the box an they will be forced to pass the football to beat them.
  7. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    And, yet, Uncle Les has won many, many games doing just that between Flynn and Mett's senior season.

    We'll run the ball a lot, and we should. The key will be defense, and in particular, will the defensive line perform better than last year. We had some serious underachievers in the middle of the line (who are gone...) who allowed way too many gashing runs. Before our young DBs got up to speed, it led to us being abused on defense like we hadn't seen since Malveto.

    As for AU? I just don't see them as a powerhouse. They had no fewer than 3 miracles to win the West last year, only to be paired with Mizzou in the SECCG (clearly not ready for primetime in the SEC, yet). Remember, this was the team we were beating 21-0 halfway through the first quarter (by running, I might add)--and people left in droves because the game was "boring" and it was "only Auburn."

    We could have the wheels come off this year, but more likely, I think, is a 10 or 11-win season, with an outside chance at something better. I believe our chance at something better is more likely than 4 losses.
  8. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    and all this time I thought "old faithful" was in Wyoming. Hmm
  9. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    I don't mind being called "faithful," but I do draw the line at "old."

    You wanna come down to Texas for an ass-whippin', son?
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  10. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    That's what happens when you keep a finely tuned sports car in the garage. You have to drive them.
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