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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bengal B, Jul 14, 2014.

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    I heard that story years ago. I don't know whether its true or not but its a good story
  2. LaSalleAve

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    It's not just that, I don't think it was ever a case of RS's athleticism, but what he had between his ears. To be honest, the dude was a great special teams player his senior year. He was like James Wright.
  3. Robidoux87

    Robidoux87 You call that a double?

  4. LSU_4_LIFE

    LSU_4_LIFE Im just sayin........

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  5. Bengal B

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    When he first signed with LSU I heard several interviews with him on the radio. He sounded intelligent. He was pretty articulate. He said all the right things and had a great attitude and sounded like a team leader. He even did everything he could to recruit other top recruits to come here and play with him. He was a little cocky but you want your good players to have that kind of confidence.
    The fact that he is still on an NFL roster indicates that he does have enough talent to be noticed at the next level even if he hasn't played. I guess we'll never know what he did to get into Les Miles doghouse. I'm surprised that he never transferred to somewhere he could get playing time but even now he still loves LSU
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  6. LSU_4_LIFE

    LSU_4_LIFE Im just sayin........

    I think Sheps biggest issue was dropped passes if memory serves me correct. Excellent speed, agility and very elusive, just wasn't big enough to play RB.
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    I first saw Shep at a Scrimmage before his Sr year in high school. Got a chance to meet his high school Head Coach Gary Thiebaud that same day. Nice guy, we talked about Shep before he had arrived for the game. Shep's younger brother (Nick) was on that same team, he played DB.

    During that season, I saw Shep play 5 times in games. A great high school talent.

    While at LSU, I got to see Shep helping with the Breakfast Club, working with other players. Nothing I could say bad about Shep, seem to represent the Tigers with class every time I saw him. He helped some of the players stay on the straight and narrow.

    Nothing but the best of luck to him.
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    Excuse me but the practice squad doesn't see the's the PRACTICE SQUAD! I'm happy for Russell and know he will be a success if not a football but in life. He seems a great kid. He is there because of his speed and pros values speed. Tampa has little risk and cost in keeping him and if he does develop it is a bonus. Just because he is on the practice squad of a bottom feeder team doesn't mean that Les and LSU didn't know how to use is more likely another reason Tampa Bay is a bottom feeding team...poor judge of talent.
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    Where is this PS stuff coming from? Someone posted that he caused a couple of fumbles on special teams. Pretty sure the effing practice squad doesn't cover punt returns (well maybe in gumpville)

    I admit he never lived up to the hype at LSU but if you are on an NFL roster you must be good for something. Funny he gets all this flack from a bunch of Internet tough guys.
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  10. titoabad1

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    How different is that internet tough guy mentality from the internet I could coach this team better mentality? Or the internet I'd be a better judge of talent than the coaches getting paid millions of dollars mentality. How sane is to believe that Les is a mediocre coach that lucks into consistent double digit win seasons while residing in the SEC West?
    I forgot to add that Lady Luck has tossed him a couple of SEC Championships and a Crystal Ball to boot.
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