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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bengal B, Jul 14, 2014.

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    This is a difficult season to predict. We have a strong base as recruiting has been strong and there is no doubt we have talent as good as anywhere. Last year we were weak up the middle on defense and it showed. To me how our new D tackles, Welter or whoever at MLB and the safeties play will tell the tale. I have faith that Brick, the chief and Corey Raymond will do what it takes to have the team step up and be more like the past few years. We are as strong as ever at DE, LB and CB. This should help. However it is more than talent that is required to be great. Toughness of will and spirit and the ability to dig down and do what is needed to win makes the difference between a good team and a great one. We will only find out who and what these guys are after the season begins.
    On offense the core is strong. The O line is talented and deep and hopefully Grimes will put the polish and edge on it to make it truly outstanding. With that and the running backs Magee and Hilliard we can feel secure that the run offense will have a basis for success. LF7 is a potential to make it spectacular. The big question is the QB and receiver and unfortunately no one can really predict what will happen. We have talent no doubt but watching the 3 years before last year shows that talent is not all that is required. We will depend on what Cam does to groom them. He does have a past that says it is possible.
    I think our special teams will be as solid as we could wish for.
    I think the test of the SEC west will be difficult. There are no softies in the bunch except maybe Arkansas. Moo State, and Ole Piss will have their best teams in years. Add in Fla and Wisconsin to the Al, Aub & aTm and even with a good performance we could have a poorer record. We could also have a regular season similar to 2010 and 2011.
    I tend to be optimistic and am looking for a 10-2 record and potential SECW championship. The SECW will be a fight and I don't see anyone going through without 1 or more losses.
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  2. LSU_4_LIFE

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    Yep and yep.

    The SEC W is up for grabs right now and has talent all throughout it. It will be an extremely exciting season all around the league. Having a solid O line means a lot more than most people give credit for, because O lines are often overlooked. I think that factor on offense and of course our great D and great ST is what secures my belief that LSU has the talent on campus right now creep through unbeaten (even with a true freshman QB), but "any given Saturday" anything is possible. I am worried about the back to back @ Auburn @ Florida the most to be honest.

    Cant get here soon enough.
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    The Wisconsin game is huge, partially because I think a lot of us "expect" a win and it's on a national stage in primetime. If we win, the schedule allows us to get a couple of easy wins and ease into the season. If we lose, the negatigers will make us question every decision from QB to number of carries for each RB.

    While there are a lot of scenarios that could result in a generally successful season, I think the ultimate goal is to get in the 4 team playoff. Start the season in Houston and end it in Dallas.
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    Les and the Tigers have done well with the OOC games over the years, an has done well starting the season off. Having watched the Wisky Spring game, the loss of all their starting front 7. Even with this the Spring game final was 6-0. I can see both team lining up and seeing who can run the ball. I give the edge to Cam, why not. Last year our 3 down conversions were over 57%, not one NFL team finished about 50%. Only one team had a better % over the years. LSU and Cam did something no team did, 57%. That tells me Cam knows what to call and when to call it. Metts biggest fault, if you want to call it one, making the throws to mainly OBJ and Landry. After looking at some of last years games, the TE and Backs were open all too often. Mett made his reads and still made NFL throws to make it work. Back on the 57%, it also tells me Cam sees a weakness in a defense and will use the plays to exploit it.

    Last year I said that teams better get their shots in on Chief, they won't get this chance all to often. He has what he needs to make his defense work, two lock down CB's. From there, its my 9 against your 9. I like the odds.

    I like the return of BD Peveto, he is a very good Special Teams coach, an is a thinking ahead guy on the sidelines, this can only be too good.

    Too much to like in this years season.

    The last time LSU was beat by a&m? 1995
    a&m avg points per game, against LSU? Under 15 ppg. They avg over 44 ppg the last two years.

    Many think this could be Miss Sts. year, last time they beat LSU in Tiger Stadium? 1991, 11 straight losses in TS and 14 straight overall.

    Gonna be a good year, enjoy it folks.
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    Many think this could be Miss Sts. year, last time they beat LSU in Tiger Stadium? 1991, 11 straight losses in TS and 14 straight overall.

    Gonna be a good year, enjoy it folks.[/QUOTE]

    And that win was a gift from the zebras. Dude crawled into the endzone if he even made it at still pisses me off because I never wanted to lose to Jackie Sherrill.
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    And that win was a gift from the zebras. Dude crawled into the endzone if he even made it at still pisses me off because I never wanted to lose to Jackie Sherrill.[/QUOTE]
    I try to forget those
  7. LSU_4_LIFE

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    Jesse Palmers believes LSU will finish 5th in SEC West
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    4 straight 10 or more win seasons, Chief, Cam and BD Peveto, too good of a staff. Who is gonna beat us? I could make a case that LSU could win every game.
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    He has had one to many cream filled tube steaks. I would love to know who that ass hat has above LSU. What a Fing joke!
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    Anyone worried about what the two minute offense will look like this season? Wonder how much excitement the running game will bring when the tigers need 80 yards and a score with very little clock to win a important game?

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