Kain Daub explains decommitment from LSU

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by PBTiger, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Well thats not good news. Hopefully they can heal his hurt feelings.
  3. bhelmLSU

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    Coaches are not freely allowed to call Juniors. Basically have to be called by prospect or call their hs coach and get them on the phone. Also some saying his HS coach is pushing the home team which could explain why getting in contact with him might not be easy. Pretty glaring that LSU is still in the running which doesn't add up if he claims to be disrespected. I don't recall how long he was committed but it wasn't months either and the coaches wouldn't just let someone that good not get the attention he needs. The real reason he decommitted is because of his best friend Demarcus Walker among others wanting him to open it up and see schools together and play the recruiting game. Walker was good at that too by dropping Bama at the last minute and enrolling into FSU this week.
  4. MLUTiger

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    He committed during the summer (June or July) and he decommitted in November I think...
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    July sounds right. Think it was the 2nd camp of he summer. He went to UF's camp the same weekend or the weekend before and he had quotes about possibly committing to the Gators and then he comes here and commits to us the last day. 247 and other boards pegged the decommitment at least a few weeks before it was official. Stories of he and Walker going to the same school started to pop up around the time he dropped LSU.
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    well, that sucks!
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    Long time between now and 2014 signing date, heck, long time between now and 2013 signing day. LSU could sign around 27-29 players this year.

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