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    1. Our receivers must hold onto the ball. Bama does a great job in the secondary at hitting receivers right after the catch. We have to protect the ball. A critical fumble or two here will probably spell defeat.
    2. Limit YAC for Julio Jones. He will get his catches (3-6 probably). Keep him in front of you and limit the yardage he gets. If we do that, Bama will be very limited in it's offensive success.
    3. The most obvious: control a very good Bama run game. Same thing as the Julio Jones point, don't let Bama bounce off tackles and get the extra yards. Gap discipline is key here as Bama could very easily rip off a few big gains if we're not careful in our assignments.
    4. Be inventive in the run game. Shepard, Holliday, KW must be part of the picture as well as Ridley a few times. Use Scott wisely in passing formations on dive plays as well as middle screens on Bama blitzes.
    5. Win the special teams battle. Bama is #110 in kickoff return coverage, LSU's strength is their kickoff return coverage (#2). This needs to be an advantage for LSU today. Field position is paramount. Areanas is a potential killer on punt returns. And LSU has been deficient in net punt average. Not a good combination. Somehow LSU needs to survive this particular aspect of the game.
    6. Take the kid gloves off Jefferson as you stated all this week you would do. Be aggressive but smart in your offensive approach. Even if Jefferson throws an interception early on, keep up the aggression, otherwise you're looking at the Florida game all over again.

    Conclusion: the team that wins the field position and turnover battles wins this game.

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