Legal problems continue at Arkansas

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    Arkansas is quickly on their way to replacing Miami as Thug U in college football. Razorback DT Jermaine Brooks was arrested for possession of seven and 1/2 pounds of marijuana and several illegal weapons. Police found the drugs, along with a small cache of handguns, rifles, and automatic weapons and ammunition, and $17,000 when they raided his apartment. He is the third member of the Razorback team to be arrested this year. Put that on top of a 5% graduation rate and you get the impression that this is not a squeaky clean program. The sad thing is, this guy was considered a pretty good, moral kid. Nobody saw this one coming.

    To Houston Nutt's credit, he immediately suspended Brooks indefinitely. But he needs to get a handle on things up there. This is making the program look bad.

    Read all about it here.

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