Les vs. Nick on the recruiting trail

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Robidoux87, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Robidoux87

    Robidoux87 You call that a double?

    I like that we have the polar opposite of Saban at LSU. You'll be on TV a lot and go to the NFL at both schools. So it comes down to: Do I want to play for the joyless drill sergeant, or the fun, charismatic guy? Cameron Robinson, Landon Collins, if you chose the former, maybe you'd be a bad fit in Baton Rouge.
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  2. tigerpub

    tigerpub Veteran Member

    This is true. Collins appears to be good. I am not sure if he meant it the way it happened. But, it felt like he was intentionally rubbing his choice into the La. Fans. Ironically, I often feel like these kinds of players are better suitedto the total arrogance of Saban and Alabama anyway.
  3. tigahfromhell

    tigahfromhell Freshman

    If Saban would have stayed at LSU it would have only been a matter of time before the powers that be would have gotten tired of his narcissistic bullshit and found/made a reason to get him out. Rumor was that tensions were already starting between him and the Skipper.

    Les can be goofy at times, but he has his ways of finding success as well.
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  4. tigahfromhell

    tigahfromhell Freshman

    Even when Saban was here, he really wasn't a member of the family. Les is.

    Granted, Saban finished DiNardo's job of jumpstarting the program, and I am thankful for that, but it was probably time to part company.
  5. lsutygr69

    lsutygr69 Senior Member

    The "powers that be" would suck it up and deal with it just because of the revenue winning brings in. The "powers that be" suck it up with Les' quirky personality especially when he does things that have a nation laughing at him because he has been successful at LSU.
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  6. lsu-i-like

    lsu-i-like Playoff advocate

    Of course there were tensions between Saban and skip, Saban wielded his power knowing how important football is to lsu.

    Please stop with the "Saban won with Dinardo's players and program." Just makes you look petty. Dude left us for NFL, but he was great for LSU and is a heck of a coach (flawed as he is).
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  7. lsutygr69

    lsutygr69 Senior Member

    This is the part I have never understood. Most LSU fans with a deep hatred of Saban act like scorned lovers because he went to Alabama. It was no secret that he wanted to go to the NFL and that he did. When he decided to leave the NFL he took the best job he could, same thing anybody else would have done.
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  8. tigerpub

    tigerpub Veteran Member

    I don't think I am scorned. But, it's a good point. However, the problem that is grating is that he has now positioned himself not only to aid his own organization, but to actively work against mine. And he is now part of Alabama cabal. So, he joined the enemy. Therefore, I reserve the right to view him critically. That may be harsh criticism at times. I never deny him his excellence, but i dont buy the hyperbole and hype. He has also had his share of lucky breaks, just like any other coach.
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  9. TerryP

    TerryP Founding Member

    This type of attitude I find refreshing among LSU fans. Setting the enemy aside I wish more Bama fans would realize some of the stuff is hyperbole and hype and from where it comes.

    I wish there were more like you and fewer LSU fans who say things that are sketchy, at best. IE: The original post suggesting, "want to play for the joyless drill sergeant" when there are so many statements by former players saying the very opposite. Take "joyless" out and leave it as "drill sergeant" and few would disagree.
  10. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    I just think he is a smug prick. Thought he was a smug prick when he was here too.

    Although, if I had his credentials I'd probably be a smug prick as well. Bottom line he isn't a Tiger therefore he is Tiger Bait.

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