let's start a tailgating thread

Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by snorton938, Apr 3, 2004.

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    my favorite (tailgating at home) is slow roast pork shoulder:

    make a dry rub using salt, pepper, creole seasoning and whatever you like
    take the pork shoulder and cut back the fat 3/4 the way
    take the rub and pile it on that shoulder thick (rub it good all over and under the fat flap)
    let it marinate overnite (covered)
    in the morning preheat oven to about 210-220 degrees
    put in the shoulder fat side up so drippings run down
    cook as long as you like (at least 6-7 hours); you can't overcook....just want to cook down the muscle fibers....i cook mine 14-20 hours sometimes
    when done.....shred with a fork (will just fall off the bone) and serve on french bread.

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    We did this for one of the games. My husband got the recipe out of the food section of the advocate. Can't remember the recipe but will try and find it.

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