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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by goldengirlfan, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Living here in Big 12 country, I've had my share of discussions with Big 12 fans about what, in my opinion, is the illusion of that conference's strength. Look back to September and recall that Alabama came very close to beating Oklahoma. The turning point was a gadget play (fake kick). Speaking of fake kicks, it was good to see Saban out-gadget Stoops the gadgetmaster. I thought the fake field goal, although it didn't result in points, was a great call and showed a lot of confidence. Anyway, take a look at the Big 12 and how they fared in bowls and the case is made.

    Oklahoma - Scored 3 TDs in last 2 games, one on a 2 yard drive.
    5 first team All Americans and a Heisman winner ? Too bad they forgot to put together a running game. And until a month ago some were touting this group as one of college football's all-time best teams ?

    Kansas State - Made their season on beating Oklahoma. Lost to Marshall during the regular season. Dropped their bowl to Ohio State. QB couldn't keep his pants on.

    Texas - As talented as anybody but they've got Mack Brown. Humiliated by Oklahoma during the season. Also lost to Arkansas by 10 in a game that could've been much worse for them. Lost to Washington State in bowl.

    Oklahoma State - Trounced by Oklahoma. Lost to Ole Miss in bowl. Oklahoma State is improved but Ole Miss ain't a worldbeater.

    Missouri - Loses by 2 TDs to Arkansas. Nuf said.

    Nebraska - My, how the mighty have fallen. Win 17-3 over also-ran Michigan State in bowl. Fired 9-win coach and now can't find a replacement.

    Kansas - NC State thrashes them by 30 in bowl. Well, they're Kansas.

    Texas Tech - The white trash of the Big 12. They will always be third tier. They live in Lubbock. They beat the Naval Academy and embarrassed themselves on national television.

    There you go.....2-6. Impressive.

    The outcome of the Sugar Bowl speaks loudly that the Big 12 was totally over-rated this year. Thanks to all the SEC teams for their bowl performances. It will be much easier to live here between now and September.

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    Great post goldengirlfan!!

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    You are correct, sir

    I'm a student at UT, and I can tell you that I've had the same conversation with friends here who actually believe the Big 12 (Little 12?) is better than the SEC. I think this bowl season proves who's right. HOWEVER, in good news for the Longhorns, I hear that there's supposed to be a press conference today possibly announcing the long-overdue firing of offensive Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis. So, maybe the coaching will soon catch up to the talent. Until then...


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