Logan Gray Transfer?

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    Gray meets with Richt; no decision yet on transfer | UGA sports blog

    Logan Gray transfer rumor roils Bulldog Nation

    4:35 pm April 26, 2010, by Tim Tucker
    The rumor spread wildly on Monday that Georgia’s No. 2 quarterback, Logan Gray, might transfer to another school. Gray met with Georgia coaches, but there is no indication at this point that he has decided to depart.
    As the rumor spread, Bulldog Nation worked itself into a bit of a tizzy. Although there has been no word from Gray or Georgia on the matter, the very idea of losing another quarterback set off alarms that quickly spread from message boards to Twitter to talk radio.
    If Gray were to depart -– emphasis on if -– that would leave only one scholarship quarterback, Aaron Murray, on the team until the arrival this summer of Hutson Mason from Marietta’s Lassiter High School. And if Murray -– No. 1 on the post-spring depth chart -– were to get injured, could Mason possibly be ready to play in the SEC this fall? And who would back up Mason? A walk-on?
    The concerns are understandable, but premature.
  2. stevescookin

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    That scenario is even worse than us losing Perriloux...Kinda like if we lost Perriloux and Jarrett Lee.
  3. gumborue

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    not really. gray hasnt been able to beat out joe cox or murray (a player with 0 pt).

    its more like if lsu lost lee and sheppard. garrett may be better than them, just like uga's true Fr.
  4. cadillacattack

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    I've watched Hutson Mason play on several occasions and he's a fundamentally solid QB. I don't know if he can pick-up Bobo's offense in time to challenge for the starting position this season, but he'll most certainly compete as the year progresses. I could easily see him as UGA's starter before season's end.

    In the meantime, Richt better pray for the health of his QB unit because it's awfully thin. The recent attrition is really going to hamstring the Dawgs in another year or two .....

  5. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    theres zero chance of that (barring injury to murray). murray has it nailed down, has been here a year and was a top-notch recruit.

    but mason is #2 if gray leaves.
  6. Hawker45

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    Well, for sure, there were few recruits that ran their mouth more than Mason last year based on the few offers he had. Iowa pulled his offer when A.J Derby commited. Perhaps he's a better fit at Georgia... we'll see.... but he's pure pocket, not a runner, not elusive... good D's should eat him up.

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