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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by BAMAFAN03, Sep 11, 2002.

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    bama played well against ou huh? congrats on your win against the citadel. maybe lsu is holding back for a particular game? maybe when they start SEC play they will step it up. as of now they look a bit shaky but i think that if the receiver start doing something besides messing up, mauck will be decent. as for the backfield, havent seen much excitement there either... good against the citadel, but whats that prove? i think that lsu was a bit overrated and it went to their heads. the team needs to find out who they are and perform to their abilities instead of trying to be more than what they actually are. for instance in the va tech game as soon as they started losing thay just about gave up. what is that?i dont know how well the tigers will do in conference play.. havent seen a very terrible team in that bunch yet. kentucky has a great defense, where the hell did they come from? i think we'll see some upsets out of them this year. alabama will do fine as long as they dont get down, auburn, i hate to say, looks good at times. watch for florida later in the season to drop out of the top 25.south carolina will faulter. arkansas will be mediocre. georgia will also not be as good as they are supposed to be yet again. tennessee will have control of their own destiny. only way they will get knocked out of the NC will be for them to lose in SEC play. teams to watch for... kentucky, ole miss, alabama, and the most hated auburn. those will be the ones to cause upsets. hopefully not all of you hate me now :)
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    Something wrong with your shift key?
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    its pretty easy to see... my shift key is to the least of your worry. have a terrific day ellis hugh!
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    Hope we're not too harsh with you BamaFan but some of your posts are just difficult to read. One sentence/thought and the next merge in catastrophic ways so I usually just give up on trying to read your entire posts (when they're long). It makes my head hurt.
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    Guys, don't worry about it. I've always said the UAT is a lower case institution anyway.
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    It's easier to read posts when the paragraphs are broken up into smaller chunks.

    It also helps when sentences are capitalized; It helps the reader define the beginning and ending of sentences.

    The easier a post is to read, the more people will read it.

    Thanks for posting.

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