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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUpathdoc, Nov 26, 2010.

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    I know I might be getting ahead of myself here seeing as though the ar-kansas game is not a gimmie by any means. Having said that were do you see us ending up this year?

    If the gumps continue to beat the warchickenplainsmentigers then where do we go? I assume auburn goes to the sugar bowl with a win against south carolina. Or south carolina goes to the sugar bowl with a win in the sec championship. Then where do we end up? Capital one, Chick-fil-a, cotton, or could any of you guys see us in a different BCS bowl? (Not really sure how the latter would happen)

    Also if the gumps screw up and the warchickenplainsmentigers win and then win the sec we go to the sugar. If they win today but lose the sec south carolina goes to the sugar and I guess we go to cap one, chick, cotton?

    Regardless of what happens I pray for 2 things:

    1. tcu and boise st do not make it to face each other in the ncg. Hopefully if one of them go they play an oregon or au team that will kick their brains in and show the country that they should not be ranked as high as they are.

    2. If we can get to the sugar I would love to play a tcu or and kick their a$$ like we did against nd several years ago.

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    The major conferences that make up the BCS would be horrified at a Boise v. TCU NC game, but only because those teams would be hauling off so much money. But the BCS doesn't really give a damn who wins the title. They care about who gets to carve up the money chicken.

    Now that Auburn has won today, I can't see them losing to the Cocks, and that means LSU in the Sugar, probably against a 1 loss Big Ten team (can you spell buckeye?) Or the Hogs in the Sugar, whoever wins LSU v. Arky.

    But the BCS is about cash. If it wasn't, the people at the Orange Bowl would be howling at once again having to host the annual ACC v. Big East crapfest. But they obviously make a lot of money in Miami, with that matchup. That's all they care about.

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