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    I hope you are right about Landon Collins. Nothing worse than a traitor from Louisiana who chooses Bama.

    I do kinda like Eugene though. He is pretty effective as a blitzer. Maybe not great in coverage, but most safeties aren't
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    This is a very good link. Thank you.

    I did notice, however, that the percentages can be a bit misleading in certain cases. A lot of the predictions are kinda old, and don't appear to be based on the most recent leanings and gossip. If you drill down and look at the actual predictions, they are sorted by the date of the prediction. This way you can see the way the most recent predictions are trending. For example, 69% of the predictions on Hootie Jones favor LSU, but 7 out of the last 9 are Alabama.

    Overall, the predictions are encouraging. If we only lose out on Cam Robinsion and Hootie Jones, that would make for an outstanding recruiting class!!!
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    gyver Rely on yourself not on others.

    • PLAYER: Trey Quinn
    • SPECS: WR
    • HIGH SCHOOL: Barbe (Lake Charles, La.)
    • STATISTICS: 55 receptions, 1,005 yards, 11 TDs (5,500-plus career receiving yards—nearly a national record)

    This kid would be a hell of a target for our up and coming qbs
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    Hootie Jones has dropped precipitously from what was the 90 percent range down to only 54 % now. Alabama is of course the team being favored to get him by voters who have changed their vote.

    We have improved slightly on Willis (91 % to 96 % and Brown from 95 % to 97 %).
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    Two prospects were boosted to 5 stars while current commit Ed Paris just barely dropped from being a 5 star.

    Out of likely commitments, LSU is poised to get 6 composite 5 star recruits, with a 50/50 shot at getting Hootie Jones, giving LSU 7.

    This will easily be the most out of any school in the country.

    LSU could end up with 8 of the top 41 recruits in the nation (composite rankings).
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    We picked up 4 star RB Williams and we lose safety Hootie Jones to Alabama. Saban has definitely made a dent in North Louisiana. He owns that part of the state as much as we do.
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    True, but I don't think Hootie was that big a deal if we land Jamal
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    Well he is the 2nd five star recruit from Northern Louisiana we lost to Saban this year. We lost our top 2 recruits in state.

    So spin it as you will, but dems the facts.

    I agree Jamal Adams would soften the blow, but you'd rather have gotten Jones and let Saban get someone less highly touted.
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    Just thank the lord that all of the SE states have amazing talent, he can steal payers from everyone else too.
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    I don't think we land Dupree

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