LSU preparations for Duke, (and 07 Regional info)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by macatak911, Mar 21, 2006.

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    First of all just like to bring to your attention, the 2007 NCAA Regionals will be held in the New Orleans Arena. You can fill out a form here starting this Friday at 10:00 am (not sure if CST or EST). It says its first come first serve so I guess the earlier you fill it out the better seats you get. :thumb:

    On to LSU News....good article on LSU Sports regarding the team's preparations for the DOOKIES

    Thomas on coming back from injury and contributing in the NCAA Tournament ...
    "It felt good. I still have to get some timing down. I haven't been as in the groove as I did before my injury. I am just working and still rehabbing my ankle. It feels good to be back to help my team out. I'm in between 90 and 95 (percent) right now."
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    I was reading about that a few weeks ago. I can't wait.

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