"LSU should be #1"

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by gumborue, Oct 17, 2007.

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    "LSU is coming off its first loss of the season: a triple-overtime defeat at Kentucky, a team that sits seventh in the BCS standings. But I'm giving the Tigers a pass this time, owing to the fact that they own three victories against teams in the BCS Top 15: South Carolina, Virginia Tech and Florida. That's quite a resume.

    Something else in LSU's favor is the fear factor. Kyle Tucker, our intrepid Virginia Tech beat writer, made this point in the office yesterday. If you asked other Top 25 coaches to name the team they'd most like to avoid on a neutral field, almost all would cite LSU. Isn't that right, Coach Beamer?
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    I think thats pretty much dead on right...even as bad as the game went for the Tigers, they were still in it in the end..had they gotten break here or there, we,d still be ranked #1. I said it after the Fla game and I,ll say it again. There are 2 football teams in the country that no one wants any of...The Tigers and the Gators.


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