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    I had to stay here in Austin, so I watched the UT-Fla game on TV before the LSU-UGA game.

    I thought our first half was very similar to Tennesee's in that Florida outplayed Tennessee in the first half but still went into halftime down 7-3. I thought UGA outplayed us in the first half but also went in down 7-3 at half.

    Tennessee stepped it up in the second half and Florida kinda folded.

    LSU stepped it up in the second half and UGA hung tough and did not fold. UT's defense was impressive but not compared to LSU's or UGA's. Also, the LSU-UGA game was just more intense all the way through. It was two very good teams going at it full tilt.

    Ingle Martin is no David Greene, or for that matter, no Matt Mauck.

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