LSU vs Wisconsin, First Game, NRG Stadium

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    I agree totally.
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    I want to come to your house! My brother is a Tech grad but the sombitch roots for the Gators...We couldn't swing a trip home to Texas with job changes after they announced the game.
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    Barry Alvarez did one hell of a job building Wisky's program, Bert might have made it even better. I know the Badgers lost a ton of players from their front 7 but I'm sure they will have capable replacements.

    I expect a knock down, drag out fight. The last two times LSU was supposed to have the best returning oline in the SEC they did not live up to the hype IMO. Hopefully Grimes & CC change that. We absolutely will need to be successful running the ball & in pass protection.

    Gordon is a great runner, if we can bottle him up we should prevail but there qb is pretty good so I'm not expecting total dominance, although I do expect a win. Our overall speed should be the difference, especially at qb, lb & db.
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    The more the merrier--but I live in Texas, too.
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    LSU's opening foe Wisconsin suffering from attrition, newspaper reports
    LSU opens the 2014 season against Wisconsin in Houston's Reliant Stadium in teh Advocare Texas Kickoff. (
    PrintBy Jim Kleinpeter, on July 19, 2014 at 7:20 AM, updated July 19, 2014 at 8:54 A

    The Wisconsin Badgers, LSU's season-opening opponent in the Advocare Texas Kickoff in Houston, has lost two freshman receivers and a backup nose tackle, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Friday.

    Freshman wide outs Dareian Watkins of Galion, Ohio, and Chris Jones of Baltimore will not be with the team when it reports for fall camp. Also gone are nose tackle Bryce Gilbert and safety Nate Hammon.

    Watkins returned home because of family issues and it is not clear if he will return, the J-S reported. Jones qualified academically under NCAA standards but did not meet Wisconsin's high academic targets. They were two of a five-member freshman class of receivers expected to vie for playing time.

    "It doesn't change anything for me," Badgers' wide receivers coach Chris Beatty said. "Of course you'd love to have all five come in. But I'm happy with the three kids who are here. They had great summers."Gilbert, who has graduated, played in eight games last year and had seven tackles. He was the No. 2 nose tackle in spring practice. Hammon is giving up football because of leg injuries, the J-S reported.

    Other players who will not return this season are: reserve defensive back Hugs Etienne, reserve linebacker Jake Rademacher, reserve punter Brett Nethery and Alex Walker, a backup tight end who was moved to offensive line in the spring.
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    Les knows when to schedule 'em. :D
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    He doesn't, apparently. ;)
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    I may have to eat some crow, but this game will be over by the end of the first quarter. We're going to pound some ass and announce to the world that it's 2011 again, and that Bama doesn't have an answer this time.
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    I hope you're right but I really believe that 2015 will be LSU's monster year. This year there is just too much inexperience on the offensive side of the line of scrimmage. Running back and wide receiver are positions where a talented freshman can make an impact but the quarterbacks need to develop poise and consistency.
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    The only thing that worries me about Wisky is the running back Gordon. But, the line blocking for him is inexperienced. Facing an SEC defense may be a little much for them to handle. Gordon may get off a couple of lucky runs, but I'm confident the D will take care of it.

    The running backs are going to be the workhorses in the game for LSU. Magee and Fournette are going to light em up. Hopefully, they take the pressure of our young QB's. It's going to be a good game!
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