Major Props To This Group Of Seniors...

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by G_MAN113, Nov 27, 2004.

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    ...for what has easily been the most successful 4-year run in the history of LSU Football. Some of their accomplishments:

    With the bowl bid coming in the next week, a 4th consecutive New Year's Day bowl.

    Thus far, with a bowl game yet to be played, a 40-11 average of
    10 wins per year. Unprecedented in school history.

    This Senior class was a total of a 4-point swing over two games from making
    4 consecutive trips to the SEC Championship Game. Let USC and all the other paper champs run as much smack as they want...that's pretty damn close to dynastic, folks.

    Congrats and major love to this Senior class that has given so much to us, the fans. And major props to Coach Nick Saban, who, this year, might have done an even better overall coaching job than he did during our NC season last year.
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    A hell of a class. But it is amazing that only 9 are left out of 28.

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