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    Upending stereotypes, fans of LSU geek for the band
    Tuesday, August 31, 2004
    T here are no band geeks at Louisiana State.

    The band, like everything else on this majestic, oak-shaded campus that is associated with football, is touched with gold.

    Take it from Trey Smith. Born in Auburn, Ala., home of one of LSU's Southeastern Conference rivals, Smith fell in love with LSU on his campus tour -- so completely that the bright, talkative young man enrolled at the school and now gives tours himself.

    Smith wears a purple dress shirt and khaki shorts. He has a soft goatee, a spring in his step and a modesty about his knowledge of LSU history. He also plays the French horn.

    "Pop culture and movies reinforce the 'American Pie' stereotype: 'This one time, at band camp . . .,' " says Smith, who is majoring in political science and communication studies. He says he used to get the band-geek treatment.

    "Then you come to LSU and you're a celebrity," Smith says. "I have people coming up and asking me for autographs -- just regular students -- because they know I'm in the band."

    The Golden Band from Tigerland counts 325 members, not including the dozens each year who fail to make the cut. Longtime LSU fans say there is no greater roar in Tiger Stadium than before the game, when the band thunders the first four notes of its pregame salute.

    LSU's band also is one of the few that marches across campus to and from the game, navigating a maze of traffic and recovering revelers.

    They don't do that at band camp.

    -- Rachel Bachman

    Tigers noted Trojans' troubles
    Tuesday, August 31, 2004
    CORVALLIS -- Louisiana State coach Nick Saban watched No. 1 USC struggle to beat unranked Virginia Tech on Saturday night and said he learned something he can take into the No. 4 Tigers' Saturday night football opener against another unranked team, Oregon State.

    The Trojans, trailing 10-7 at halftime, rallied to win 24-13 in the Black Coaches Association Classic in Landover, Md.

    "USC is supposed to have a great football team and they were very much challenged by a team not nearly as highly touted," Saban said Monday. "I think we have a very similar situation relative to what's coming up for us. Hopefully, our players will understand that."

    OSU coach Mike Riley said if Virginia Tech's success gave LSU pause, "I love it. I hope Nick's right. It's one of those deals, we're just going to have to play. We've got a lot of opportunity here, but we're facing a monumental task. And we're doing it on their home turf."

    Oregon State is traveling to Baton Rouge, La., on Thursday.

    "We've got two more days of special things we want to work on for the game and I feel real good about where we're at, both mentally and physically," Riley said. "I'm ready to head off and go."

    Riley's connections: Riley, a former Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back, was 2-0 at Tiger Stadium as a player and 4-0 overall.

    Alabama was ranked No. 4 when it beat No. 18 LSU 14-7 in 1971, and No. 2 Alabama beat the No. 7 Tigers in 1973, snapping a nine-game LSU winning streak.

    "I remember their student section being full when we did our walk-around in (1971)," Riley said. "The atmosphere was electric. It is one of the great, great atmospheres in college football."

    OSU would be helped if Riley's past rubbed off: The Beavers are 0-3 vs. the Tigers, all on the road. LSU won 45-7 in 1982, 27-24 in 1981 and 28-11 in 1976.

    Crowd count: If Tiger Stadium is filled to its 91,600-seat capacity Saturday, it will be the fourth-largest crowd to watch the Beavers: OSU played at Michigan (104,741) in 1986, against Michigan in the Rose Bowl (100,423) in 1965 and against Iowa in the Rose Bowl (100,000) in 1957.


    Riley's uncle, Hayden Riley, was the basketball coach at Alabama from 1961-68, the school's baseball coach from 1971-79 and an assistant football coach from 1958-69. Riley said his uncle's presence at Alabama, "was a big part of my going there (from Corvallis High School). My dad had six brothers and sisters that all lived in Alabama." . . .

    OSU has lost four in a row against nationally ranked teams. The Beavers haven't beaten a team ranked No. 3 or higher since a 3-0 win over No. 1 USC on Nov. 11, 1967 in Corvallis. . . .

    The Beavers have won eight of their last 11 season openers but the opposition was hardly LSU-caliber. The wins have come vs. Wyoming, Idaho, North Texas, Nevada (twice), Eastern Washington, Eastern Kentucky and Sacramento State. OSU hasn't opened the season against a nationally ranked team since Sept. 12, 1987, a 41-4 loss at No. 20 Georgia. . . . The Beavers are 0-10-1 against the Southeastern Conference, with all of the games on the road. LSU is 9-3 vs. the Pacific-10 Conference.

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    Please, let us all remember that the numbers were drastically in UGA's favor when they came to Death Valley last year. Let's not let the numbers fool us, please.
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    Wow, I didnt know that. Thats pretty impressive. Are there any other coaches, ever, that have coached all three of the "big three" at the same school? Or even different schools for that matter.
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    OSU fans could think everyone gets to Tiger Stadium on a boat through the marsh lands of the south for all I care.

    Let's just kick some ass and take names.
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    Check out this newbie

    OSU’s biggest concern is at defensive left end — starter Brandon Scales won’t be available because of academic deficiencies. Sophomore Joe Lemma, who played only sparingly last season, will start. Backup Joe Rudulph, a redshirt freshman, is slowed by a knee injury but is expected to be available.
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    tiger1958, that article refers to the oregon ducks, not the oregon state beavers.
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    It is about the Duck for sure. UW with its coaching scandal. PAC 10 is a mess.
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    That's a pretty good article. Ought to scare the **** out of those Beavers! ;)

    Seriously, for those Beaver fans going, I really hope they enjoy themselves. Some probably will be to "pent up" to enjoy it. If they are reading here, I say relax and just soak it all in. :thumb:

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