No Luv .. and I like it!!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by onceanlsufan, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Yeah I love that LSU can play the underdog roll. All this negativity is just motivation for our players and coaches. Hopefully they continue their attitude all season long!
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    Aug 27, 2002
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    He has never really like us. Then Miles made him look real bad in 07 and he was really ticked off about that. Hasn't gotten over it and will not get over it.
    He will keep coming after LSU until Miles leaves and he can say I told u he was leaving or LSU has a complete collapse. :rofl:

    PS Don't get caught up in anyone's anaylsis of football teams. It really doesn't mean much but it gives us something to read.
  3. LSU_4_LIFE

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    Oct 6, 2009
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    The guy has us on upset alert every week!

    Dr. Lou is about the only one who shows any type of love towards our program and its still very little, I just remember him wearing an LSU jersey last year when we played Florida.

    I thought that was cool.

    We will see what Kirk, Lee, & Desmond pick on saturday, I think Desmond and Kirk pick Auburn with out hesitation, but Corso may roll with us!
  4. onceanlsufan

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    Sep 30, 2010
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    ... but I'm not sure a 12-1 SEC team makes it to glendale period. Especially if OU and Oregon are in the race. I think in the media's eyes, a 1 loss OU trumps any 1 loss SEC team, except for maybe Auburn, who they sit around with "tingly feelings running up and down their legs".

    And then, there is this entitlement mindset that BSU deserves a shot at the title, and we all know they will be undefeated at the end. TCU is also screaming they deserve a chance ... and they will likely be undefeated.

    We know that the SEC East is not going to contribute this year, [at best a 2 loss team], so the SEC CG is not going to help much. Hence, I don't think any 1 loss SEC team from the West goes to Glendale. I think the only way an SEC W team goes is if the win out. AND .. I think LSU is capable of doing just that!


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