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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Bengal B, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Bengal B

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    You've all heard about the epidemic of the ebola virus in Africa. Now the Center for Disease Control has flown an American doctor and another person who are infected with the virus to Atlanta. The disease is 60% fatal. I know we can't screen every passenger on every plane that comes from any African country and an infected person could even fly to Europe before boarding a US bound plane but no way that anybody known to have the virus should be allowed back in this country even if he is an American. They chose to go to Africa to treat the disease and they knew what they were getting into.
  2. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    When will people learn to leave what's in Africa in Africa? As for those Ebola bitches, they need to bring them to the border.

    On a serious note, supposedly the Emory Unit- where they'll be cared for- is very capable to treat/quarantine. BUT, since these are the first cases to be dealt with, how would they know?

    Anyone familiar with Alex Jones? Dude has long purported the CDC could unleash a pandemic and the government would react by instituting authoritarian rule,
  3. red55

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    We have special medical facilities that are totally able to handle infectious diseases, its no big deal really. This is an American with a serious disease and there are no facilities in Africa equipped to help him.
  4. Winston1

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    Tough call here. This isn't about taking care of our own people or a humanitarian effort but gaining knowledge and tools against a potential world threat. Read the book Hot Zone about emerging viruses in Africa.

    The risk of the virus escaping is very, very, very, small and the risk of it spreading if it did not as bad as in Africa. However if the virus mutates as it appears to be becoming slightly less deadly 60% death rate vs 90+% earlier and apparently having a longer incubation and time that it is infectious it could become a real threat. In the last week several people traveled out of the infected areas with the disease before the symptoms appeared. One flew to Liberia before he collapsed.
    The benefit is that we can learn more about it and how to treat it at Emory than in Africa. The tools and time of response can't be duplicated in the field. This may be critical in the future. We need more knowledge and tools. AT this time it seems the risk is worth the reward.
  5. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    Actually the biggest risk are the ones coming over that we haven't identified.
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  6. Winston1

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    Correct so that is why we need to know more about it....something that can only be done in a lab equipped, staffed and with resources available to deal with it.
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  7. uscvball

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    There is nothing Emory can do for him other than supportive care. And there is no such thing as 100% containment. The US has now proactively introduced Ebola to America. If it's no big deal, then how did the good doctor contract the virus in the first place?

    And "serious disease" is a gross understatement. It's a killer virus with a 60% mortality rate and death is brutal. It was meant to stay as an animal born, jungle existing pathogen. It is now in the light of day and there is no cure. I don't want it in America.
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  8. uscvball

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    Nonsense. The CDC has access to all they need in terms of how to contain. The problem is with the infected. Unless they follow strict protocol, containment is not possible. Africans have shown a distinct unwillingness to do what they should. Can you say with certainty that everyone in America will cooperate with protocol?

    America is largely clueless in terms of what the CDC knows and does.
  9. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    99.99% containment is awfully good. The risk is low.

    Not one other person has contracted the disease from the doctor.

    It's no big deal to quarantine an infectious person. The doctor was working directly with third-world patients, not in a totally sealed quarantine environment.

    So, you care nothing for the doctor that was over there trying to deal with it? Just let him die in Africa?
  10. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    Funny, my wife was telling me today that one of her high school friends is over in Africa right in the middle of this crap. She also has her 5 kids with her. Doing missionary work or something. Well apparently there is a big movement within her church to bring them back home. I said hells to the no. She needs to keep her whackadoodle ass over there. If god wanted her there then she gets to play the hand that god deals her. If that shit is 8's and aces then so be it.
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