Official 2014 LSU Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by islstl, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Long way until signing day and Rivals had a video of Noil in which he was praising LSU coaches and former players. These kids are riding the roller coaster let it play out we going to be fine!
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    Long time till signing day. For someone that plays offense, they have to take a long look at Cam and LSU. All these players want to make it into the NFL, Cam gives you better chance. An Chief has sent so many into the NFL over the years...another thing to look at........

    LSU has played 14 true freshmen so far this season. The 14 true freshmen rank as the nation’s third-highest total. In nine years under Miles, LSU has sent a total of 87 true freshmen to the field.
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    which recruits are the most important considering our season

    i think

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    I think Noil has to be in that mix. Potentially losing Beckham means losing a gamechanger on the perimeter and on special teams. Noil is the premier gamechanger in this class.
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    didnt think about that at all.
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    We don't currently have that guy on the roster already?
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    Im more worried about LF and Garret than Noil. Further guys like Quinn will earn their spot..
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    If we do I don't know his name. Seems like he'd already be playing. Those type of guys don't wait. They take.

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