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Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by islstl, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. tigermark

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    But then again, OBJ had hands of glue as a freshman. He got more and more playing time because he snatched everything even close (which was really important with the QB situation). It was a huge surprise to me when he came out for his soph season and started dropping balls. He was Mr Stickum his first season.
  2. asignupe99

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    I've never heard anything good on Hootie, but really nothing "bad" either that could be considered legit. I work with a close relative of his and she says while most of the family wants him to go to LSU, he's held it very close to the vest. The only comfort I have is that the guy who's insistent that Hootie is heading to Bama is the same guy who was convinced Diarse was Bama-bound. Had me convinced. Now I just look at him and nod. Only reason I believed him on Cam was because that was like the worst kept secret at the time and my real source said it as well. Real source said he has no idea on Hootie.

    Thin or not, he came in as a freshman...and not even an early entrant I don't think, and surpassed guys that were already on the roster and also got major reps before Landry who was definitely more polished as a WR than him. OBJ was just a big play waiting to happen. I don't think it's ever going to happen for Fobbs. Peterson certainly has the genes so I'm hoping for great things from him. I wouldn't leave out Diarse although he's not as explosive. Noil is an instant impact guy and I hope we get him. I think we're talking about two different types of big play guys though. OBJ is a homerun in a bottle no matter where he gets the ball. Noil is like that.

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    hearing he is Bama bound at this point, mom gave up trying to get him to LSU, time to gear up for Jamal Adams who is rated higher than Hootie, even without Hootie, this class will be amazing. i still hold out hope for Hootie, but good luck to the young man.
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    If we get Adams in that scenario, I would take that all day. Better prospect IMO. Getting a visit this weekend and right before he heads off to his all star game puts us in a very good spot.
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    yea I heard about the visit, but I like Adams better as well, he is the better prospect and things are looking good with Adams
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    Did Brandon Harris decommit after the late heroics? J/K
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    I know you're kidding, but in all seriousness, that dude is coming to compete. If he uses his Spring wisely and learns the system, he's going to push everyone because he'll walk in with possibly the best arm out of all roster QBs. I think the job is AJ's to lose but he better not get comfortable. I'm sure he won't because he's not programmed like that.
  8. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    competition damn sure isn't a bad thing.
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    As long as it is a win/win for the fans. God help the starter if he has a bad game.
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    latest im hearing on Hootie is LSU, we will see in a few hours.

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