Old, but interesting about Randall Gay

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    I think this shows why Gay and Alexander were brought to New England, and why it's probable to happen with more players. We all knew that they were brought in because of a good word put in by Saban, but it's still fun to read.

    "Cornerback Randall Gay caught head coach Bill Belichick’s eye on Monday, making several plays on the Gillette Stadium practice fields. While it’s too early to really know just where Gay will factor into the final roster this early in training camp, Belichick said the rookie free agent is handling himself well so far.

    “I think there are players that are ahead of him at this point,” said Belichick on Gay’s performance. “But he's young, he's learning a system and going up against a group of guys who are a pretty competitive group, but I think he's handling himself pretty well and he's hanging in there.”

    Belichick has a history of being fond of players who come out of LSU’s program. The Patriots coach has a lot of respect for Nick Saban, and he found out plenty about Gay before bringing him into Foxboro.

    “I talked to Nick about him,” said Belichick. “Nick is a great coach, he knows his players well, and what he told me [about Gay] was 100 percent accurate.” "

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